18 March 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

After many years of planning, production, and down time. Spike Jonze's adaption of Where The Wild Things Are (based on a children s book of the same name by Maurice Sendak) is finally is post-production.
I personally think this movie is going to be amazing. But I have a tendency of liking movies that most don't (note: Chronicles Of Riddick is my favourite movie). But unlike other review or gossip sites that force their views down your throat, I encourage you to make up your own mind. To some, the poster (above) may all you need to decide that you won't like the film, others, like myself, only need to see the poster to realize how amazing this movie will be. So in fall (American fall) 2009 make up your own mind about this movie =D

Until then, here's a couple of images released to promote the film:

13 March 2009

09 March 2009

64,000 years ago neanderthal walked the Earth

The billionth game of Halo 3 was played recently.
So Bungie decided to calculate the play time online (not including custom maps)

2,023,153,340,764 seconds of Halo 3 online gameplay.

that's about 64,000 years!!!


64,000 years ago, man hadn't even made it into Asia.

That's a lot of gameplay.

But I have to admit, I did contribute to a very very small percentage of that gameplay.


Halo 3 rules!

see geekologie post

06 March 2009


Yesterday I went and saw Watchmen.
I'm not very good at this whole reviewing movies thing so I only have one thing to say about Watchmen...


okay, I lied... it's FUCKING AMAZING! The blood, gore, nudity, sex... it's the way Superheros should be, not sexy teens running around in spandex. Real, rough, dirty heroes.

I'm completely in love with Danny/Night Owl II.

It was an excellent movie. And I was surprised that there was only 5 people at the first screening of it in Albany. I guess there aren't as many geeks in my town as I thought... or, most of them have real jobs =D

5 out of 5 (please note, this is my opinion only. I'd rather you go out and watch it for yourself, then go by what the critics and reviewers say (I am neither Critic nor Reviewer... I am simply a geek that loves movies))

04 March 2009

Ninja High Five

All I can say is this...

The Ninja's are playing Guitar Hero in my room!

that is all!


On Monday I was lucky enough to spend the whole day outside.
"Why is that lucky?" I hear you ask.
Because I was at Steel Blue Oval in Perth, rocking out to over 20 awesome bands from all around the world. (and 2 groups of idiots... read: The Dudesons & The Dirty Sanchez)
It was awesome!

Here's a list of the bands I saw the whole sets for, and what I thought:

Bayside (photo below)- from New York City, never heard any songs by them. Was front row, against the barrier. Their music is pretty cool, and the band members are sexy (read: geeky sexy)

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (photo below) - they were suppose to perform during Soundwave 2008, but pulled out 4 weeks before hand (they did apologize for this). Not the best live band, and the song I really wanted to hear was ruined due do microphone malfuntions. I enjoyed the set, but it could of been better!

The Bloodhound Gang (photo below) - I've honestly never been a big fan of them (i find their songs a bit rude) but they did an awesome performance. Jimmy Pop and the crew really know how to work the crowd. There was a little bit of gross-ness when Evil Jarred drunk a jog of beer, puked it all back into the jug, then re drunk... then send the rest of the set puking on Jimmy. But they sang all the songs I like, aswell as inciting the crowd to sing the Australian National Anthem.

Billy Talent (photo below)- The only band I really wanted to see! and may I say, Ben is a freaking GOD! Everything about the set was perfect. Ben spoke between songs (the reason he singing voice is so unique, is because, well thats how he talks, my little sister descibes it as "A Cartoon Voice" but god, he's still a sexy little (very short), sweaty man =D) He even mentioned how proud he was of Australia for banding together to support the Victorian Bushfire victims. They performed all the songs I wanted to hear, plus a new song (read: New Album due JUNE!)
BILLY TALENT were definatly the best band!!


The Dudesons (photo below)- 10 minutes before the first Dudesons show, we were sitting on the bank in front of the stage, and I looked back and saw a man with a big film camera. My first thought was "You can't have camera's like that here" and I looked up at him... and it was JARNO (one of the Dudesons!) I was too slow to catch him, before he slipped behind the fence =(.
The Dudesons played 3 short shows, at 5pm, 6pm & 8pm. At 8pm we were back sitting on the bank and there was a larde crowd of people at the fence, my sister and I walked over and Jukka (another Dudeson) was signing autographs, but he didn't have time for us, but my sister got a good photo of him (see below - the girl in the photo is a complete random!)

OVERALL, Soundwave was amazing, the weather was perfect (only 24 degrees) and I managed NOT to get sunburnt! GO ME!

I can't wait until next year!