06 March 2009


Yesterday I went and saw Watchmen.
I'm not very good at this whole reviewing movies thing so I only have one thing to say about Watchmen...


okay, I lied... it's FUCKING AMAZING! The blood, gore, nudity, sex... it's the way Superheros should be, not sexy teens running around in spandex. Real, rough, dirty heroes.

I'm completely in love with Danny/Night Owl II.

It was an excellent movie. And I was surprised that there was only 5 people at the first screening of it in Albany. I guess there aren't as many geeks in my town as I thought... or, most of them have real jobs =D

5 out of 5 (please note, this is my opinion only. I'd rather you go out and watch it for yourself, then go by what the critics and reviewers say (I am neither Critic nor Reviewer... I am simply a geek that loves movies))

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