30 April 2009

Old Posts & Babies

I'm currently wasting time before I have to go to work.
I'm reading all my old posts.... i do ramble on sometimes. I spent the whole month of July 2008 blogging about my car (and it wasn't even my car yet)


Did you hear the news? Dave Hughes and his wife had their baby. A little boy named Raffety (sp?). It's very cool. Now all we need if for Rove and Tasma to have a baby! =D


behold, my new desk:

my desk 30-4-09

Isn't it awesomeness?

desk details 30-4-09

Now I want to go out and buy little knick knacks and dodads to put on it =D
And I need to do something about the blank walls, and the crap lighting. And a new chair... lots of things actually. Should write a list of what I need!

Anyway, I'm working every night this weekend.... which I guess is okay. means I don't have to get up early in the mornings =D but it means that I don't have time to watch "Pushing Daisies" or talk to my friends. Well unless they're online during the day (and most are) But I'm going to try and get my room seriously organised.

GRRRR when my desk moved my monitor shakes.... so in other words, if I'm typing the monitor is shaking..... anyone know how to stop that?

29 April 2009

I Want:

I so want this phone:

Nokia N97
no news on the release date for Australia.... but I'm there as soon as it's out!

Really can't wait until it's out.
It seems I want a lot of things =D

Random Cat

There is a new family in the neighbour hood, and they have a cat. it's been hanging around our yard, and PC has been growling at him, but not attacking him. But today Cous Cous and the random cat where having a stare off, and mum spooked them, so they ended up attacking each other, so now Cous Cous is sore and grumpy. He better not be seriously injured or that other cat is going to get it. =( i like cats, but not when they are in MY cats territory, attakcing MY cats. GRRR and the neighbours don't even care that their cat is crossing a busy road to terriorise our cats and birds. =( grrrrrrr!

in other news. I'm hopefully getting my new desk tomorrow. Then I'll be able to get my room semi organised, and begin removing my old built in desk. I seriously hate my room at the moment, all messy and unorganised. I'm not the most organised person, but I definitely have some sort of organisation..... I like to call it "semi-pandemonium"

28 April 2009

This is how I clean:

fun, huh?

400th Post!

I searched "400" in Flickr and made this mosaic out of the best images I found =D

400th blog post

YAY for 400 posts.... next stop 500!


This, my friends, is post number 399.... oh dear! What will I post next????

The Desk

I went into Harvey Norman today to look at a desk I'd seen while I was there yesterday. It was a lot smaller than I remembered it. But then as I was about to give up all hope and purchase a crappy desk with no shelving and the wrong colour, I came across this beauty:

The Desk

I was in love. It's smooth, and shiny and BLACK, and modern.... yep I realise it doesn't go with anything in my room. but the thought was, when i move out and have my ultra modern home office, it would be perfect. And the awesome thing about it is, it was originally $319 marked down to $234, then the lovely lady (Jodie) put it down to $210 because my dad does work for Harvey Norman, and I was using his name to hold it =D YAY! thats over $100 saved =O I'm very excited.
I'm going to pick it up on Friday. It's the last one, so I get the one off the floor, which means I won't have to spent hours trying to assemble it. Now I have to temporarily re-home my wardrobe, but that's not a big deal. I'm kinda afraid about the desk being glass, because it might break, I'm sure it's quite impossible to break, but I am me.

In other more personally news, I went into work today and Caroline was there (one of my work mates) and she commented how nice I looked, and that I must of lost weight. I was so happy. She's the first one to comment.... I know I've only lost 5kg but still =D I love Caroline =D she's a sweetie. I can't weight to find out if she's having a boy or a girl (did i mention she's pregnant.... no? well she is) her scan is next week, I hope she tells me =D I can keep a secret!

Anyhoo, off to clean out my wardrobe, and do a little organisation. But before I leave.... let me think what you think of the colours I've chosen.

My room is pink (you can see that on the photo) and Purple.... the second purple from the top on the purple swatches.... most of my furniture is close to the Raw Umber colour (middle colour on the second swatch from the left.)


OMG, you know my un-natural obsession with clouds.... well guess what I found.... a flickr group dedicated to photos of clouds.... called Cloudporn... OMG squee! =D

Robbie Williams!

it's 12.15, and I'm still in my work uniform.... complete with shoes and badge. When I got home at 10pm I sat down and watched the final of The Biggest Loser.... congrats to Bob for winning, losing an amazing 52% of his weight! =O freaking inspiring!

So here I am, blogging at midnight, listening to Robbie Williams.... that's right Robbie Williams. I was watching a movie last night (i blogged about it) and apparently Robbie Williams filled the void that was left after Britpop (real Britpop) left Britain.... and I thought "I haven't listened to Robbie Williams in years" so that brings me to now. ROBBIE WILLIAMS!

You have to admit, he did have some pretty awesome songs.... Angels, Come Undown, Better Man, Rock DJ plus more.... the only album I don't own is the most recent one... Rude Box???? i think thats what it's called..... when he went all techno-y.... SHIT! apparently he lives in LA and chases UFO (yep really).... weirdo =D

Anyway, probably should go get ready for bed now....

27 April 2009

Renovation Part 1.2 - Furniture Ideas

so i purchased a new keyboard and mouse, these ones are wireless so instead of wrecking my wrists trying to type on my high desk i can sit the keyboard on my lap and type. YAY for saving my wrists. Yes i know they typing with the keyboard on your lap is not good for your wrists either, but its a lot better than getting lines in your arms from wear they're resting on the desk =D

and OMG my new mouse is so HEAVY. it's awesome! my last mouse was really lite and really annoying but this mouse rocks!

so i went looking for desks and paint colours today. i'm slightly devastated... i wanted to paint part of my room a really dark grey, but because i have beech furniture it would look weird, and I can't get rid of the furniture just yet, because I only got it like 2 months ago.... and i can't paint it =( So I'm going to have to think of some other colours.
The desks we looked at where not what i was looking for. they were either too small or the wrong colour.... or not available until late July. And the whole idea was to have my new desk setup by June when The Sims 3 comes out =D

I took some photos of the desks I liked. One (desk 1) is the wrong colour (only just) and not available until end of july, but is a excellent size and it looks nice, the other(desk 2) (the one my mum thinks I should get) is too small, but is the right colour, and is cheap. The other choice (no photo) is the same desk as my little sister, it's a corner desk, has 3 lockable drawers, a keyboard desk thingy, but doesn't have any shelving or a place to put my computer tower.

desk 1

desk 2

so thoughts?
Desk 2, may be too small for my monitor. I'm not sure I didn't have a tape measure and i wasn't asking Satan.... i mean the sales clerk, if i could borrow hers =D
And i recently (today) bought a printer, which is quiet large, and there doesn't seem to be a place to put the printer on either desk (maybe on the top shelf of desk 1) what happened to the day when you could by a small colour printer for under $100 that didn't also scan and copy, and take up 3/4 of the computer desk????

DAMN not being able to make decisions.... I really like desk 1, but it's the wrong colour, and i'm trying the streamline the colours in my room, not add more. And i won't get it until July, which means the reno stops... NOW because there is absolutly no way that i'm going computerless during June.... that premium Sims 3 playing time!

so hmmmm..... I'm going to do up a blueprint... or layout thingy of my room.... with lengths and everything.... hahahaha maybe that'll help, and I'm also going to create a mood board for my room.... anyhoo must be off. I have work tonight (again!) but I have tomorrow off, so i'll do some more renovation inspiration searching (and blogging) tomorrow =D

Live Forever

I'm currently watching a doco called "Live Forever" it's about britpop during the 90s, it's actually quite interesting. But I must say those boys from Oasis are "TWATS" :)

I'm off to Harvey Norman & Furniture Spot tomorrow to look at furniture and buy myself a printer and maybe a wireless keyboard.

Jarvis Crocker sounds like Ringo Starr!

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26 April 2009

Renovation Part 1.1: More Ideas

Okay so a couple of posts ago I posted a photo of my computer desk.... well it doesn't look like that anymore. I've taken down all the posters and the shelves and cleaned everything down.... the only thing left on the desk is my computer, because I'd have to pack my computer away, because I have nowhere else to set it up. And lack of computer would be bad.

So here's what I was thinking. I was thinking of ripping everything out.... the building in desk, and shelves... everything and moving my wardrobe (which is on the other side of the room) and putting it against that wall. Then I'd buy a corner unit desk, and put it where my wardrobe is now, near my bedroom door, and away from the glare of the window. The only problem is the new desk would obstruct the door, but that is not a big deal, because the entrance to my room is through 2 folding doors, and the one that would be obstructed is never used.... and currently obstructed anyway.... by clothing and junk.
Another problem is I'm losing a very big, very excellent mirror, which you can see in the photo, it's the mirror I use when I do my make up and get ready. And without the desk there I have no where to put it. But it's not a big deal =D

Anyway those are my thought =D I'm also thinking of switching back to a XML layout so people can leave comments!
I have my first follower =D
It's very exciting.
YAY for Rachie!

25 April 2009


So The 69 Eyes are apparently coming to Australia.... I say apparently because my cousin is super excited (even ended a frued with my sister) about it (she was the one who told me) but I haven't been able to find anything online about the tour. So I'm not too sure.

I'm also not sure if I'm going to go.... Yes it's The 69 Eyes, but apparently the concert is in June and in Sydney.... there is a little over a month until June, and Sydney is $1000 away!

Okay so I found the site.... the official Australian 69 Eyes facebook page... June 20... in Sydney! thats too close....

20 minutes have passed...

So I'm not going. I've decided.... it's too soon, and I'm broke.... I only like 6 songs, and most of them aren't singles. I still don't believe that they're coming.... maybe sooner to the date. But i'm not fussed because I'm not going to go. So don't hate me. =P

Lack Of Stuff

So I've removed most of the stuff from my shelves above my desk. Very dusty!
I was thinking about replacing to top of my desk but dad came up with the idea of pulling the whole desk (it's build in) out and just buying a computer desk to fit. Which I think is a good idea. But all the shops are closed today because it's ANZAC day so I'll have to wait until Monday.
If I get a new desk I may have to reconsider my colour theme. But I really haven't thought too hard about colours yet.
Anyway back to work

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Renovation part 1: The Idea

so I checked back on Fishpond this morning, and all my books are back in stock. so it must of been a database update or something, because I figured it out.... it would of been midnight for them =D
So no stressing =D
I don't really feel like buying the books anymore =D I'm going to save up and renovate my room.

I'm starting with my computer desk area.
This is what I started with (the before shot)

computer desk (before)

Now to look for some ideas =D

Can't Sleep

I'm trying to sleep but my brain is going a zillions times a second. I'm thinking about renovating my room and having a garage sale to sell all the shit I don't need. But there isn't much I can do about it at 1am in the morning. I've already scribbled 3 pages in my moleskine about what I can do and what I need :)

Probably should try and sleep now

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24 April 2009

Not Happy Jan!

I was just about to order some wicked awesome books from www.fishpond.com.au, then BAM! all the books I've ordered (and 90% of the books on my wishlist) are "Not Available New"! WTF! a couple of minutes ago it said there was 90 copies of one of the books i wanted! GAH! stupid bloody website.... hopefully it's just maintenance! *deep breath*

You know what else annoys me.... $290 per person (per fricking person) to see Simon & Garfunkel in Perth in July! $290 a ticket! WTF! GAH! < thats my angry sound!!

Sims 3

38 days, 05 hours, 16 minutes & 2 seconds until Sims 3

Disappointmen & Sims

I got my new wallet today, and I'm very disappointed =( I spent $30 on a piece of paper with a badly printed image on it, sewn between 2 pieces of clear plastic, then had 3 (3!) card holder pockets and a tiny area for money... =( very disappointed. maybe Robio should have more details on their website! or charge less for it!

Anyway enough bitching.

We have 4 new members to the geek zoo =D 2 male Quails and a pair (male & female) of Charcoal Finches (which are just a breed of common Zebra Finches, but with pretty colours) The 2 Quails are called Vince & Howard (after the Mighty Boosh) by the finches haven't been named yet.

just a little video to fulfill my Sims 3 obsession =D

23 April 2009

To Do List

To Do List
Originally uploaded by gamookie
watch Twilight so i can tell customers about it
pick up Torchwood books from A&R
stop drinking soft drink
clean my room
return superannuation forms to work
don't stress
find missing dvd discs
use my diary more
write post on livejournal
backup computer
stop watching sims 3 videos on Youtube
play sims 2

mighty book of boosh

mighty book of boosh
Originally uploaded by Princess Geek
I got this book last week, and have just finished it. It is the best (and prettiest) book I've ever read. It's so funny, and awesome! =P

I love Noel Fielding, Julian Barrett and all the others. I had to laugh at a girl at work. She said she watched it, and didn't get it. She is American though =P and Americans (no offense) just don't get English humour.


Sims 3 AI Trailer

Can't see it.... try watching it here

Even when you're away, your Sims will play =D

22 April 2009

Sims 3 Traits

I can't wait until The Sims 3 is finally released. I've had my Collectors Edition pre-ordered since December 2008 =D

I was searching the net for the list of Sims 3 character traits and I found it!

thanks to Gamespot (see the whole article)

Here are all 63 of The Sims 3's character traits. You can pick up to five traits for each of your adult sim characters that determine your sims' personalities, how they'll interact with other characters, and even their career paths.

Can't Stand Art
Commitment Issues
Computer Whiz
Couch Potato
Dislikes Children
Easily Impressed
Good Sense of Humor
Great Kisser
Green Thumb
Hates the Outdoors
Heavy Sleeper
Hopeless romantic
Light Sleeper
Loves the Outdoors
Mean Spirited
Natural Cook
Never Nude
No Sense of Humor
Party Animal

20 April 2009

scary cloud

hi my name is princess geek and i have an obsession with taking photos of clouds! might i say this is one scary looking cloud... it just kept growing and growing.... then crash bang.... lightning & thunder.... that's right! the Cullens' were playing baseball in Albany over the weekend... so there =P


yesterday I ordered this beautiful wallet from robio.com.au. I can't wait until it arrives. It's considerably smaller than my current wallet (which is actually a travel document wallet) I'm going to have to cull a lot of my cards =D
I'm also looking for a black vintage leather messenger bag. Or a leather bag similar to Dr Spencer Reid's in Criminal Minds (see below)They're just all a bit too expensive =( WAH! It's sad isn't it? when you can't buy what you really want. I found a awesome bag that was prefect, but I was outbidded for it =(
I found an awesome seller on eBay, but i'll have to save up to buy myself a "Spencer" bag =D


i'm back.... and you may have noticed that there are over 300 posts that probably weren't here last time you logged in. that's because i imported my old blog into this one... YAY!

so the posts in this blog include posts from:
  • inspirationally awesome
  • WTF! and;
  • eclectic geekery.
all of which are no longer! it's just easier have just the one blog.... what am i saying? I have a paid LiveJournal, a tumblr, a myspace & a twitter *smilie face*