24 April 2009

Disappointmen & Sims

I got my new wallet today, and I'm very disappointed =( I spent $30 on a piece of paper with a badly printed image on it, sewn between 2 pieces of clear plastic, then had 3 (3!) card holder pockets and a tiny area for money... =( very disappointed. maybe Robio should have more details on their website! or charge less for it!

Anyway enough bitching.

We have 4 new members to the geek zoo =D 2 male Quails and a pair (male & female) of Charcoal Finches (which are just a breed of common Zebra Finches, but with pretty colours) The 2 Quails are called Vince & Howard (after the Mighty Boosh) by the finches haven't been named yet.

just a little video to fulfill my Sims 3 obsession =D

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