29 April 2009

Random Cat

There is a new family in the neighbour hood, and they have a cat. it's been hanging around our yard, and PC has been growling at him, but not attacking him. But today Cous Cous and the random cat where having a stare off, and mum spooked them, so they ended up attacking each other, so now Cous Cous is sore and grumpy. He better not be seriously injured or that other cat is going to get it. =( i like cats, but not when they are in MY cats territory, attakcing MY cats. GRRR and the neighbours don't even care that their cat is crossing a busy road to terriorise our cats and birds. =( grrrrrrr!

in other news. I'm hopefully getting my new desk tomorrow. Then I'll be able to get my room semi organised, and begin removing my old built in desk. I seriously hate my room at the moment, all messy and unorganised. I'm not the most organised person, but I definitely have some sort of organisation..... I like to call it "semi-pandemonium"

1 comment:

  1. When i stayed at my Daniels place once, this cat came up and pissed on the back door cause it didn't like Daniels cat...the end.