26 April 2009

Renovation Part 1.1: More Ideas

Okay so a couple of posts ago I posted a photo of my computer desk.... well it doesn't look like that anymore. I've taken down all the posters and the shelves and cleaned everything down.... the only thing left on the desk is my computer, because I'd have to pack my computer away, because I have nowhere else to set it up. And lack of computer would be bad.

So here's what I was thinking. I was thinking of ripping everything out.... the building in desk, and shelves... everything and moving my wardrobe (which is on the other side of the room) and putting it against that wall. Then I'd buy a corner unit desk, and put it where my wardrobe is now, near my bedroom door, and away from the glare of the window. The only problem is the new desk would obstruct the door, but that is not a big deal, because the entrance to my room is through 2 folding doors, and the one that would be obstructed is never used.... and currently obstructed anyway.... by clothing and junk.
Another problem is I'm losing a very big, very excellent mirror, which you can see in the photo, it's the mirror I use when I do my make up and get ready. And without the desk there I have no where to put it. But it's not a big deal =D

Anyway those are my thought =D I'm also thinking of switching back to a XML layout so people can leave comments!

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  1. Which mirror? I see a small one like inbetween your shelves...

    I love moving things around and stuff =D

    I can't wait for finished pictures! :P