27 April 2009

Renovation Part 1.2 - Furniture Ideas

so i purchased a new keyboard and mouse, these ones are wireless so instead of wrecking my wrists trying to type on my high desk i can sit the keyboard on my lap and type. YAY for saving my wrists. Yes i know they typing with the keyboard on your lap is not good for your wrists either, but its a lot better than getting lines in your arms from wear they're resting on the desk =D

and OMG my new mouse is so HEAVY. it's awesome! my last mouse was really lite and really annoying but this mouse rocks!

so i went looking for desks and paint colours today. i'm slightly devastated... i wanted to paint part of my room a really dark grey, but because i have beech furniture it would look weird, and I can't get rid of the furniture just yet, because I only got it like 2 months ago.... and i can't paint it =( So I'm going to have to think of some other colours.
The desks we looked at where not what i was looking for. they were either too small or the wrong colour.... or not available until late July. And the whole idea was to have my new desk setup by June when The Sims 3 comes out =D

I took some photos of the desks I liked. One (desk 1) is the wrong colour (only just) and not available until end of july, but is a excellent size and it looks nice, the other(desk 2) (the one my mum thinks I should get) is too small, but is the right colour, and is cheap. The other choice (no photo) is the same desk as my little sister, it's a corner desk, has 3 lockable drawers, a keyboard desk thingy, but doesn't have any shelving or a place to put my computer tower.

desk 1

desk 2

so thoughts?
Desk 2, may be too small for my monitor. I'm not sure I didn't have a tape measure and i wasn't asking Satan.... i mean the sales clerk, if i could borrow hers =D
And i recently (today) bought a printer, which is quiet large, and there doesn't seem to be a place to put the printer on either desk (maybe on the top shelf of desk 1) what happened to the day when you could by a small colour printer for under $100 that didn't also scan and copy, and take up 3/4 of the computer desk????

DAMN not being able to make decisions.... I really like desk 1, but it's the wrong colour, and i'm trying the streamline the colours in my room, not add more. And i won't get it until July, which means the reno stops... NOW because there is absolutly no way that i'm going computerless during June.... that premium Sims 3 playing time!

so hmmmm..... I'm going to do up a blueprint... or layout thingy of my room.... with lengths and everything.... hahahaha maybe that'll help, and I'm also going to create a mood board for my room.... anyhoo must be off. I have work tonight (again!) but I have tomorrow off, so i'll do some more renovation inspiration searching (and blogging) tomorrow =D


  1. Desk two does seem way too small. I really like number one! Couldn't you put the printer on the little jutty out bit? would it fit there?

    I got my printer and scanner for free xD cause my sisters boyfriends mum was chucking them out and they work perfectly!! =D

    What colour are you looking for in desk one?

  2. I'm looking for a beech colour (like desk 2). desk 1 is a little bit darker.
    I saw a desk in Harvey Norman while I was there, so I'm going to do some measuring (monitor, computer, printer) then go into Harvey Norman with my tape measure and measure the desk up =D