28 April 2009

Robbie Williams!

it's 12.15, and I'm still in my work uniform.... complete with shoes and badge. When I got home at 10pm I sat down and watched the final of The Biggest Loser.... congrats to Bob for winning, losing an amazing 52% of his weight! =O freaking inspiring!

So here I am, blogging at midnight, listening to Robbie Williams.... that's right Robbie Williams. I was watching a movie last night (i blogged about it) and apparently Robbie Williams filled the void that was left after Britpop (real Britpop) left Britain.... and I thought "I haven't listened to Robbie Williams in years" so that brings me to now. ROBBIE WILLIAMS!

You have to admit, he did have some pretty awesome songs.... Angels, Come Undown, Better Man, Rock DJ plus more.... the only album I don't own is the most recent one... Rude Box???? i think thats what it's called..... when he went all techno-y.... SHIT! apparently he lives in LA and chases UFO (yep really).... weirdo =D

Anyway, probably should go get ready for bed now....

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