31 May 2009

Rusted From The Rain lyrics

I stumble through the wreckage, rusted from the rain
There's nothing left to salvage, no one left to blame
Among the broken mirrors, I don't look the same
I'm rusted from the rain, I'm rusted from the rain

Dissect me until my blood runs down into the drain
My bitter heart is pumping oil into my veins
I'm nothing but a tin man, don't feel any pain
I don't feel any pain, I don't feel any pain

I'm rusted from the rain

Go on crush me like a flower, rusted from the rain
Come on, strip me of my power, beat me with your chains
And if I'm the king of cowards, you're the queen of pain
I'm rusted from the rain, I'm rusted from the rain

You hung me like a picture, now I'm just a frame
I used to be your lap dog, now I'm just a stray
Shackled in a graveyard, left here to decay
Left here to decay, left here to decay

I'm rusted from the rain

Go on crush me like a flower, rusted from the rain
Come on, strip me of my power, beat me with your chains
And if I'm the king of cowards, you're the queen of pain
I'm rusted from the rain, I'm rusted from the rain

I'm rusted from the rain

Go on crush me like a flower, rusted from the rain
Come on, strip me of my power, beat me with your chains
And if I'm the king of cowards, you're the queen of pain
I'm rusted from the rain, I'm rusted from the rain

Go on crush me like a flower, rusted from the rain
Come on, strip me of my power, beat me with your chains
And if I'm the king of cowards, you're the queen of pain
I'm rusted from the rain, I'm rusted from the rain
The sun will shine again, I'm rusted from the rain
I'm rusted from the rain, the sun will shine again

I'm rusted from the rain

Ultimate Friends Playlist

I'm creating the Ultimate Friends Playlist.
Want your song on the list? simply comment. One song per person =D If they song is already on the list.... YAY you can choose another. But only if someone else has chosen your fave song. It doesn't even have to be your fave song. But you only have one!!!!

  • Funeral Of Hearts - HIM (me)
  • Parklife - Blur (josh)
  • I Don't Care - Apocalyptica feat. Adam Goniter (alex)
  • Riders On The Storm - The Doors (josh.v)
  • Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk - Rufus Wainright (crowson75)
  • My Way Home Is Through You - My Chemical Romance (RoxxieA)

Rusted From The Rain

OMG. I'm excited. I went to the Itunes store and Genius recommended me a song called "Rusted From The Rain" by BILLY TALENT.
how come no one told me about the new Billy Talent single!!????!
Doesn't matter.
I'm currently downloading the song, and the music video =D

billy talent Pictures, Images and Photos

OMG. It's awesome! I love Billy Talent. They're my 3rd favourite band. After HIM (#1) and Muse (#2)

Bands/ Famous People I've Seen/Met


The Bled
Aiden (met them)
Drop Dead, Gorgeous
Rise Against
The Used

SOUNDWAVE 3rd March 2008
Madina Lake (met)
All Time Low
Plain White Ts
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Mindless Self Indulgence

HIM CONCERT 23rd March 2008
McQueen (support band)

SOUNDWAVE 2nd March 2009
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Alkaline Trio
The Bloodhound Gang
Billy Talent
From First To Last
Nine Inch Nails
The Dudesons (not a band)


Rhys Muldoon (Australian Actor) (met numerous times. in town filming)
Peter Templeman (Australian Director/Writer) (met numerous times. in town filming)
Karl Urban (favourite actor) (NZ Actor) (met twice in the same day, I have his autograph and a photo of me and my sister with him, Supanova 4th July 2009)
Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker, Star War Episode 1) (met and have autograph, Supanova 4th July 2009)
Chris Sabat (anime voice actor) (met, Supanova 4th July 2009)
others I saw @ Supanova 4th July 2009, Gil Birmingham (Billy Black, Twilight), Richard Hatch, Dirk Bernadict (Original Battlestar Galactica), Dave Gibbon (comic book artist and co-creator of Watchmen), Tim Sale (comic book artist).

The Umbilical Brothers (seen 3 times, met twice)
Danny Bhoy

30 May 2009

Sims 3... Coming Soon.... Very Soon!

The new Sims 3 site is up and running. And so is the Sims 3 exchange.
I'm super excited. less than a week until it's released. YAY.

I've already started planning my day. Up early and shower etc.
then make a birthday cake for my little sisters birthday. she's 20!
then just wait for the call =D. I should go in to EB Games and beg Donald to call me first =D I wonder if he would =D
Then I get it. But I'm not going to play it until after I've finished my sisters cake. Because it is her birthday. I'm hoping to have my room a little bit more clean and organised before them. On Monday I'm going to try and get me dad to help me take out the old wardrobe and get a wall up. So as least I can start painting.

Anyway. since doctor who isn't on tonight. I think I might go watch a movie. or maybe the Umbilical Brothers DVD. =D

She's Ginger! YAY!

I'm liking Doctor Who (11)'s new companion.

her name is Karen Gillian. She was actually in an episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant. (The Fires Of Pompeii) But now she gets to be a full time companion to Matt Smith's Doctor.

And the best thing about her. She has red her (or she's Ginger as the Doctor would say (and I bet you he will!))

Not sure of the companions actual name yet. But I'm looking forward to the new series. even without David Tennant.

29 May 2009

Follow Me....

YAY for new followers! =D

OMG did you hear about Gerard Way & Lyn-Z? they had their baby. And gave her the most awesomest name. BANDIT LEE WAY! yay for awesome baby names!

Still laughing at Umbilical Brothers jokes.
Excited about having 7 days off work.
Unsure of what i'll do for the whole 7 days.
on 4th day of holidays Sims 3 comes out. So i'll be okay.

I HEART The Umbilical Brothers!


Currently listening to HIM!

Dead Lovers Lane & Imaginary Chainsaws

Went into Icky Finks (variety store) for corkboards and walked out with a poster of The Used.

meanwhile in the world of me.
dreamed that i was being chased by David (Umbilical Brother) with an imaginary chainsaw. Yep thats right. The Umbilical Brothers show gave me nightmares. GAH!

Did some work shift swapping, so now I have a whole week (thats 7 days) off work. I. Am. Going. To. Die! of boredom. at least until the Sims 3 comes out. =D

"Dead Lover's Lane"

Despair has a face
And all these wounds remain unhealed
Blessed to kill and enslaved
Are all hearts around love's will
Thrilled to start all over again

Crawl down dead lover's lane,
The maze of memories stained
And suck the blood right out of my heart

Fear has a name
Written on unhallowed ground
With dead leaves
Those words never fail
To feed the hunger that dreams
Our needs beyond God's grasp

Crawl down dead lover's lane
The maze of memories stained
And suck the blood right out of my heart

Scream out love's name in vain
Embrace the pain again
And lose yourself alone in the dark
Dead lover's lane

Crawl down dead lover's lane,
The maze of memories stained
And suck the blood right out of my heart

Scream out love's name in vain
Embrace the pain again
And lose yourself alone in the dark

And suck the blood right out of my heart

Right out of my heart

I really want a corkboard, so I can pin stuff up and decorate. =D And I want a wall. and a wardrobe.

28 May 2009

The Umbilical Brothers

*from my memory (which isn't very good)

At 8pm this evening the red velvet curtains of the Albany Town hall parted to show.... an empty stage!!
Where are they?
The voiceover introduces them 3 times.
The a phone is dialled.
Shane answers. he's in Japan.
What about Albany?
Oh Shit Albany!
A taxi, a plane and a parachute later The Umbilical Brothers are hanging to the outside of the Albany Town Hall.
The they fall.
And are dead.

God tells David and Shane that only one can go through the gates.
They much go back and decide who.

David wakes up. Walks through his imaginary house to his imaginary bathroom. Hilarity ensues.
"Are You talking to me?"
"I'm an American"
David wakes. Shane is knocking at the imaginary door of Davids imaginary house.
David: "I had a nightmare"
Shane: "Oh the one with the sea otters and hand lotion?"
David: "no the one where I'm an American" dun dun dunnn!

David thinks he's crazy. So does everyone else. but not to hurt his feeling we say he's not....
he is...
he goes for a walk in the imaginary park.
Meets Andrew.
David steps on Andrew.
Andrew is a cricket.
Shane is sad.
David tells Shane that Andrew has gone to an engagement party.
Andrew and David are engaged. WTF!

Shane finds out Andrew is dead.
Is Sad.
Hates David.

David is a parking inspector, directing traffic. Hilarity ensues.
Shane wants money for Andrews Funeral.
"Gimme 20c"
Shane chases David.
Through Gym.
and town.
and the moon.

Space ship fight.
Shane and David fall out of their spaceships.
Falling towards Earth.

Holding onto the edge of building.
floating around stage on office chairs.
David gets too close to edge of stage.
I don't want an Umbilical Brother to fall on me....
or do i???

Fall off building.
God stops.
Someone has taken the one space left.

more hilarity ensues. =D
Velco world.
the end.

Stayed to see if they'd come out. They didn't. Probably on their way to The Earl for drinkies.

27 May 2009

Night At The Museum 2

so many cameos (the Jonas Brothers, Darth Vader, Jonah Hill)

It was better than the first one.
Hank Azaria is god (or Pharaoh)

It really was a good movie.
for more stills go here


started following David Hewlett aka Rodney Mackay on Twitter!
i miss Stargate Atlantis =(

26 May 2009

Ho Hum!

crazy zachary

listening to Zachary Quinto talking.... mmmmmm! goodness

feeling slighty angry about getting email from ebay seller, saying that So Notorious will be delayed up to 5 weeks.... 5 freaking weeks!!!!

but ZQ makes me feel happier!

So NoTORIous

I just bought So NoTORIous off ebay. It's a "reality" tv series featuring Tori Spelling.
I think you're wondering why...

well let me explain.... through a couple of images....

like this one...

is that Zachary Quinto? Why yes it is.....

If that doesn't convince you why i NEED this series.... maybe these images might...

Image 1

Image 2

*girly squee*

Okay you can stop hyperventilating now...

Are those images (in particular Image 2) proof enough? I think so!

geek out!


I'm bored. so i'm going to tell you about stuff. random stuff.

like the fact that my car ticked over 14000kms today.
i'm listening to Shake It by Metro Station (who are they again????)

there are star shaped post its on my desk.

only 9 days until sims 3. and i have 4 days off work so i can play.

yoshi is the coolest mario character
my sister turns 20 next week
josh turns 19 on thursday

going to see the umbilical brothers on thursday night, sitting at the front. i wonder if they'll recognise us from last time????

i really need to pee (sorry, you didn't need to hear that)

SPOTLIGHT opens on Saturday. Super YAY!

June is shaping up to be a pretty awesome month!

blogs are cool.

follow me on twitter (click the little bird at the top of the page)


what is with wearing tights (as in opaque tights like we used to wear under skirts and dresses for school) as pants? I can see your goddamn underwear!!!

25 May 2009

New Heroes Storyline

if Sylar killed Peter, he wouldn't have to kill anyone else to get their powers!

mini calendar

28 may - joshs birthday
28 may - The Umbilical Brothers
4 june - sisters birthday
4 june - sims 3 released & lime green nintendo ds lite
10 june - orthodontist appointment =(
16 june - sister going to melbourne for 69 eyes concert... i'm not =(

All about ZQ

I found the most awesome Behind The Scenes Star Trek picspam.
Just finished Season 1 of Heroes. I start season 2 tonight. It's kinda sad because there is only 4 discs in season 2. which means it will be over quicker. and there is still no date on season 3 =(
I'll have to find another way to get my ZQ fix.

ps. added a star trek tag =D

23 May 2009

No Awesome Converses For Me

I was outbid =(
Doesn't matter. That's Life.
What was the point of buying 20 year old shoes that are too small for me.
But they were BATMAN....

But in other ultra exciting news. EB Games are finally getting Lime Green Nintendo DS Lites. I'm so excited. I saw them on eBay about 2 months ago and tried to get EB Games down here to get me one, but they couldn't. But Nintendo Australia just announced that because Eb Games sold 55% of DSi in Australia, they get the Lime Green NDS Lite, exclusively. YAY!
The only problem is it's due out 4 June. The same day as Sims 3.... which means I might not be able to afford it all. =(
But thats life. =D and since I don't have to fork out for 20 year old shoes (no matter how awesome they are) I should have a little bit of money.
Anyway. I have work tonight. Should be fun!


20 minutes left of Converse Auction.
Someone outbid me so I have upped my bid to $30, but I'm not going any higher.
So If I get outbid in the next 20 minutes, I'm saying goodbye to super awesome BATMAN converses!

22 May 2009

Converses.... Best. Shoes. Ever!

Still winning awesome converses. currently only $9.71. which is less than postages. =D

In other CONVERSE related awesomeness.
Sylar was wearing Converses in Heroes. AWESOME!

Exploring is Fun

Bed is moved. I did sort through the shit under my bed, threw most of it out. I've moved my bed. Looking forward to sleeping in it. I've vacuumed 4 times, washed my windows, organised my magazines, took down my cork board (which involved taking everything off it) and made my cat a new hidie hole (which was completely by accident. He's having so much fun exploring my new room.)

It's so cold today. I've spent the whole day moving furniture around and cleaning so I didn't notice, until I had to go outside. O.M.G! As much as I'd love to go to Finland one day, I don't know if I could survive!

The next thing on my renovation list is to put a new wall up, a wall that we can attach the wardrobe fittings to. i'm really excited about my new wardrobe. I used to have a build in wardrobe, but I ripped it out.... and now I'm putting it back, but this times its going to be better because I'm getting a Wardrobe World system.

Okay so, here's some photos. They're not of the new wall (and colour) I know that some of you are waiting on them, One day =D

My magazine storage.

My cork board (before I removed everything and took it down.

13days until The Sims 3. *squee*

21 May 2009

Tick Of Approval

First half of the painting is done. Now all I need to do is some touch ups, get the fathers approval and it's time to move my bed. That is, once I've sorted through all the crap that I store (read: hide) under there. It's all going back there. But I have a choice. Pull it all out, move the bed and then put it all back, or pull it out, sort, throw, store, it and then put it back. I think I'll go through it. But I'm going to need some major boxage and rubbish bags.

I'm hoping the father will give my painting skills the tick of approval. I'm really looking forward to sleeping in a different place. My bed's been in the same place for about 10 years. =D


If you didn't already know there is a movie coming out. (releases 09.09.09) called "9", It's produced by Tim Burton, so automatically I love it =D
They just released a new trailer for it. Featuring a song from Coheed & Cambria.
Looks Excellent.
Can't Wait

20 May 2009


quilt cover from IKEA... $49.95 for Queen-size
Also from IKEA $359 (a bit expensive... and the wrong colours)
IKEA Throw - $39.95

Seven Pounds

watched Seven Pounds last night.
Awesome movie. Sad. but still awesome.
Featured "Feelin' Good" by Muse on the soundtrack.

Nokia N97

OMG. Nokia Australia have a product page for the new Nokia N97, And it's awesome and I want one now. There is still no news on when it's available in Australia, and it will probably be expensive. I wonder if I can buy one outright and stick my old sim in it. Probably not, but still.

Nokia N97

it comes in Black and white. I actually like the white version. I'm so excited. This phone is so my new phone!

100 Trillion Dollars.

I have 100 Trillion Dollars.
Don't believe me...

check this out!


thats right... i'm rich.... well not really. Thats a Zimbabwe note.... it's about $35 australian =D
but it's still pretty awesome!

19 May 2009


If you have me on MSN, please block me.... actually block this account:


I was hacked.

now I'm using this account:



MSN, Star Trek & Converses

thanks to a marvellous friend, and the power of torrent downloading.... I'll soon be the proud (and very excited, read: fangirl) of the Star Trek audiobook, read by Zachary Quinto.

I've been having so much trouble with my computer/internet today, all because of some random hacking my MSN account and spamming my friends with annoying viruses.... sorry guys!

So I started a new MSN account (which technically is my old one)

Also... I uped my bid on awesome converses.... my max bid is $20 =D

i want some money out of it

First coat of paint is done.

While it dries (and my room airs out) I need to figure out what else I need to do.
  • curtains/blinds
  • wardrobe (decide what i want from wardrobe world)
  • lights
  • bed (either new one, or new Manchester) (spotlight is opening soon. Might go see what they have.
  • Clean and organise boxes under my bed
  • second/third coat of paint
I went into Wardrobe world yesterday to look at what they had and ask how much it is. I really like the wardrobe setups they have. and it's cheap. Only $50 per metre of rack. But now I have decide what setup I want. Then i probably should cull half my clothes I never wear.
I don't like having my room messy. Especially when I have no where to put it, so even if I wanted to clean up I couldn't.

I want to have a garage sale so I can sell all my unwanted stuff. Ebay is too hard, and I don't want to give it to st vinnies or salvos (i want some money out of it) I should check and see if there is any markets around here that I can go to.

Anyway. I guess you want to see what colour I chose. Well guess what.... not today! =P

Star Trek & Converses

Just rang Angus & Robertson and Dymocks regarding Star Trek audiobook

They are going to ring me back.

I had another thought. I could ring Empire Toys in Perth and see if they have it.

Still winning Converse auction. Will post pictures once I win (so you won't steal them =D)

18 May 2009

I want:

I want the Star Trek audiobook read my Zachary Quinto. But it's not available in Australia... yet! But I want it now! It's not on ebay. It's on US itunes, but not australian itunes....
I've asked my LiveJournal friends if any of them have it. I might go into Angus & Robertson and see if they can order it for me.

But I want it NOW!!!!
i can't even buy it from audible.com GRRRRR

17 May 2009

too true

I found this on TUMBLR. It's completely true. (well from my perspective)

Different Shades of....

Bought paint today =D

2 different shades. A dark one for the walls and a lighter shade for the shelving.
I'm excited. Hopefully the plaster will be dry so I can start painting. If not... the painting definatly starts on Tuesday.

Photos to come!


still winning converses.
current price. $6.17 plus $10.00 P&H
but someone else is bidding... 2 other people are bidding!
My max bid is $10.00, if it goes over, I'm not bidding again. Because I don't really need these shoes! But they are awesome...

16 May 2009

Converses are my god!

I just bid on 20 year old converses that are 2 sizes too small for me. HAHA! But they're so awesome, that I'm not telling you about them, because you might steal them from me!

Renovation So Far....

Haven't posted much on the Renovation front recently. Mostly because I haven't done much. Today, however I finally got around to removing the build in desk. (see below in full glory).
The initial idea was to put a build in wardrobe there, but mum suggested that I put my bed against that wall, and put the wardrobe BACK in where my bed is (a couple years ago I pulled out a perfectly good wardrobe so I could put me bed there (see below))

So the desk came out. And the wall came with it (oh noes) and I found a door.... well a door frame... apparently that part of my room was once a verandah....
So I enlisted the help of my dad. and we put up some plasterboard. So I get to paint! I'm thinking a really dark grey. I will paint over the pink. And maybe paint the shelf (that you cant see very well below, but you can see it in the photo above) black, or a darker colour to stand out.

Anyway, after work tomorrow, I'm going out to check out paint colours... I'm extremely impatient and I want it done now, but I know I have to be patient and wait, and not too a half assed job.

Anyway, so my room is a mess. Dust, plasterboard dust, clothes, paper, books.... shit everywhere. I can't wait until it's finally done.

Random Polyvore Sets

15 May 2009

Movie News/Goss/Love

I have Heroes season 1 and 2!
Now I can't wait to get home after work tonight and watch!
YAY for Skylar (who is not in the first couple of episodes)

I watched Princess Diaries 2 last night.
Chris Pine is in it. He's Nicholas the one trying the take the throne from Mia.
And Callum Blue from Dead Like Me is in it too. He's Andrew Jacoby (Mia's arranged fiance)
HAHA I love Chris Pine and Callum Blue.

I bought the new EMPIRE magazine. And it has images from Tim Burtons Alice In Wonderland in it! YAY! I will scan and post when I get around to it.

14 May 2009


It's Thursday again.
I guess I'll have to think about things to post for Things I Love Thursday.

- "too close for comfort" by McFly (from Just My Luck)
- shirt (below)

- spending my hard earned money of Twilight merch.
- the greatest CHRIS PINE picspam EVER!
- anticipation... soon becoming the owner of season 1 and 2 of HEROES! (after having them in "my pile" at work.... let me explain. At work (blockbuster) we have a cupboard for retail that customers want to layby, well about 15% of cupboard space is used by customers.... the rest is staff.... me taking up about 49.9% of the cupboard with my dvds that I want)
- losing weight. I'm down 2.3kg from last week. I'm lookinf forward to wearing awesome clothes!

13 May 2009

Curves & Crossovers

Went into Curves (the gym) to ask about prices to sign up and the women started signing me up, but I didn't realise this until she asked me how I was paying. WTF! She then got snotty with me and made me an appointment to come in on Monday to finish sign up. WTF! I'm so not going =D
She was a skinny prissy gym junkie!!!

GRRRR! It made me kinda angry. But then I laughed at her stupidity and lack of listening skills.

She took my blood pressure (yeah WTF right?) and I don't have high blood pressure. I know I can't really go on what some skinny bitch at Curves says, but it's not high high! YAY!

I had a star trek dream last night! HAHA, about Spock.... who wasn't really Spock it was actually Sylar (from Heroes) in disguise. And then something with Hiro and Captain Kirk. It was a Star Trek/Heroes crossover dream. I can't really remember much. I never remember my dreams.
And I have deju vu dreams. Dreams I remember having before. How weird is that?

I can't wait for pay day. I have Heroes season 1 & 2 put aside at work for me for only $49.95 each. I really want to watch them. I'm having a Zachary Quinto obsession =D

Anyway better get to bed. I have work again tomorrow. Can't wait until Saturday. My day off. First Saturday off in a long time.

12 May 2009


I'm excited to inform everyone (that doesn't already know) that Disney is making "real" movies again.
They have gone back to classic 2-d animation, none of this 3-d cgi crap.
I present:

I'm very excited. and Can't wait!

The 69 Eyes

i miss out on seeing this amazingly sexy, shiny man. =( I'm a little bit sad about it, but because it was my decision not to go, the only one I have to blame is.... myself! *sigh*
No Jussi for me.

New Weight Loss Blog

I have a new weight loss blog.
One that I'm going to keep separate.
If you want to read it you have to email me, leave a comment, or message me on MSN, because I don't really want randoms (other than the other members of the calorie king site) reading it.

11 May 2009

Calorie King is King

A friend from highschool has directed me to a very cool, very helpful website.
It's got everything for weight loss. You sign up (for free) and you can keep a food diary, chat, get motivated with the forums.
You put your personal information in, then it tells you all the information you need. How much you should weigh, how much you can eat to lose weight, how much exercise you have to do, and it even sets you mini goals.
Everyone in the forums are so friendly. I posted a message and I already have a couple of people talking to me about their weight loss journeys.
I'm really looking forward to my journey. I know it will be difficult, and I'll want to give up, but I'm not going too!!!!

Weigh In

Hello World.
Guess What?
I lost 2.3kg since last Monday
Isn't that awesome?
I'm so happy!
Thats what I get for using the treadmill everyday.
I try to walk for an hour, not at one go, 20 minutes here, 15 minutes there.
And It's paid off.
I'm only 400gram away from my first goal. And it's only taken me a little over 2 months!
TOTAL Lost: 6.7 kgs

10 May 2009

Is Tom Felton a Hottie?

I think so....
Just watched the newest trailer for Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince (you can probably find it on YouTube) and Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy is HOT! I knew I liked him for a reason. Hot and Evil....
That is all!

To Boldly Go

HAVE YOU SEEN IT? No! Then don't read this!!!!
You have been warned!!!

I'm a fan of Star Trek, not a Trekkie (or Trekker), by still a fun. I admit I grew up with Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I vividly remember having my aunt and her boyfriend (who is now my uncle) babysitting me and us watching "The Cage", the original pilot for Star Trek, where I might add, the captain of the USS Enterprise was Pike, not Kirk. I remember Tribbles, and "Live Long and Prosper" and all about the "Wessals"
So walking into the cinema and sitting down, I had some expectation about how Star Trek (XI) would go. Boy was I wrong.
It was beyond expectations, it blew my freaking mind. Spock and Uhura (WTF) and Bones... oh sweet Bones.... "Dammit I'm a Doctor, not a physicist".... and Chekov ("Wictor, Wictor") This movie was beyond awesome.... there are no words to describe it's pure awesomeness.

Biggest Surprise: Zachary Quinto as Spock. I thought I'd never get over the fact that he was Sylar (in Heroes) but I have.... he will now and forever be Spock.... sorry Leonard.

Biggest Shock: Spock and Uhura.... WTF.... wait it's an alternative timeline.... oh I see! Winoma Ryder was in the movie..... who was she? Oh Spocks mother!

Biggest Letdown: I'm sorry.... but Mr Pine (aka Kirk) I just couldn't get past the fact that you'd made out with Lindsay Lohen (Just My Luck) maybe after multiple viewings....

Greatest Moment: Any scene featuring Scotty (Simon Pegg) and the little dude

Rating: 5 out of 5

08 May 2009

The Cutest Photostream


i want a puppy!

Weight Loss

I'm really excited at the prospects of losing weight. And being skinny, and wearing clothes I actually want to wear, as opposed to clothes I can only fit in.

Things I Love Thursday

It's back

X my boss asking me if I'd lost weight
X popular penguin classics
X red dwarf season 9
X page 255 of June 2009 Cosmo (see below)

Posted with LifeCast

06 May 2009

New Music

Currently downloading...

The Black and White album by The Hives - only know one song from this album (Tick Tick Boom) and I didn't even know it was theirs. The lead singer looks hot (kinda a little bit like Ben from Billy Talent).... and they're from Sweden.... 3 out of the last 4 albums I've downloaded have been from Swedish bands.... maybe Sweden is the new Finland.... wait! what am I saying? Finland will always be uno numero!

The Essential Cyndi Lauper - because True Colours makes me cry, and Time After Time is just awesome.... along with all the other songs.... Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... anyone?

Yep, I'm Cool!

Fashion Rant

What is it anyway?
Who decides what is fashionable?
who gives people the right to discriminate because my clothes are "last season"?
I didn't even know my clothes were "last season"
What person, high up on the podium, decides that grey jeans, or skull prints, or florals are in, or out?

My style changes, then goes back, than changes again slightly, then I stop wearing a certain colour, then I go back to my original style. What is style?
I never wear dresses or skirts, I love mens graphic tees, but I also like to look feminine sometimes. I love scraves, and gloves, and bags. I hate heels, I love converse all stars. I don't wear much makeup. I wear the same necklace everyday, I don't like dangle earrings.

is there any hope for me? but I have an excuse. yep thats right. It's hard to buy "fashionable" clothes when you're a size 26. But that gets me thinking. If I was never overweight, I believe I would of spent every dollar I earnt on clothes. Designer brand bags, expensive accessories. I wouldn't of become me... who I am today. and sometimes (like right now) I'm greatful for that.

04 May 2009


do you think i should buy an Oasis CD?
(What's the story) Morning Glory, to be exact.
I've never liked Oasis much. But i watched a film, and now I kinda like them!
I have Definitely Maybe.
I heard that Morning Glory is their best album (by fans standards) Oasis seem to think that Definitely Maybe is their best work.
Maybe I could buy one of their newer albums!

Meet Me At Mikes

the cover

lookie, it comes with patterns. I love patterns

more detail of patterns

What I'm going to try next

2 pages full of other craft blogs! i freaking love blogs

First Attempt....

.... OMG I really shouldn't be allowed near sewing machines. I actually bent the needle, and my dad had to finish my cat plushie for me (my dad is an upholsterer).


first attempt

he doesn't look anything like the original (from the book MEET ME AT MIKES), but he's okay, for my first attempt. And considering it only took my 2 hours =D. If I'd actually took my time (which I never ever do, so there is no point me starting now) he'd may of turned out better.

Review of MEET ME AT MIKES coming soon!


Yay for days off.
First whole day off since last Tuesday.
I know I can't bitch, because I only work 5 hours a day, but most of my shifts are at night, so cut me some slack.

I'm sitting here, waiting for my little sister to come back from town with a book I ordered.
it's a craft book. I honestly don't know what it's going to be like, but it looks awesome and everyone is going on about it.

So... apparently Wolverine is not a very good movie. Please note I haven't seen it, I'm going by opinions of many. My cousin said "the best thing about the movie was the Transformers trailer at the beginning"
So yeah! whats with that?

Star Trek is only a couple days away
Sims 3 is a little over a month away.
on May 28 I'm off to see The Umbilical Brothers again (this will be the 3rd time)

YAY for days off!

02 May 2009

Star Trek

I can't wait until Monday.
I have the day off.
It will be good, to not have to spend the whole day knowing that at 5.30pm I had to go to work.

Star Trek is out this Thursday.
I'm working Thursday arvo, so I don't get to see the first showing.
But I've decided, it's not such a big deal.
As long as I see it at the cinema I'll be happy.
YAY for Star Trek.

Death Note.... American Style

I knew it had to come eventually. The Americans always stick their fingers and hands into things that they don't need too.

May I present.

Death Note the Movie....

yes, I'm completely aware that there already is 2 Death Note movies... but I'm talking about the American version... with American stars, and American screenwriters changing it so it's America.

Don't believe me! Here's an article.... which has a link to another article.

Because the fucking Americans can't come up with their own ideas, so they pouch others..... Kath & Kim, Life On Mars, The Office..... see the trend??

01 May 2009

I'm A Twilight Fan

twilight necklace
Originally uploaded by Princess Geek
Look what I just bought!!!! That's the Cullen family crest. That's right, I bought a Twilight necklace. A real licensed one, not some shotty knock off.
I bought it for 2 reasons. 1) I like Twilight... the book (I've only read the first one) and I thought the movie was okay (not excellent, but not bad) and 2) I love the style of the necklace. The large crest, it's very vintage =D which just happens to be a style I'm getting into more and more.
I'm going to wear the necklace to work tonight and see what other people say.

In other news. I went and rented a Treadmill today. Mum told me I had too, because she wants to use it. So I told her if she paid for it, I'd organise it, so she did. We have it until August. So hopefully by August I will be down 10-20 kgs and won't need to worry about hiding myself away from the world and I have the confidence to join the gym.... if not, We'll just rent it for another 3 months =D

Big Bang Theory Season 1 is released on DVD in JUNE. This is very exciting. Big Bang Theory is one of the funniest tv shows I've ever seen.

Off to get ready for work now. I really need to come up with a better way to end my posts =D


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince posters

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