14 May 2009


It's Thursday again.
I guess I'll have to think about things to post for Things I Love Thursday.

- "too close for comfort" by McFly (from Just My Luck)
- shirt (below)

- spending my hard earned money of Twilight merch.
- the greatest CHRIS PINE picspam EVER!
- anticipation... soon becoming the owner of season 1 and 2 of HEROES! (after having them in "my pile" at work.... let me explain. At work (blockbuster) we have a cupboard for retail that customers want to layby, well about 15% of cupboard space is used by customers.... the rest is staff.... me taking up about 49.9% of the cupboard with my dvds that I want)
- losing weight. I'm down 2.3kg from last week. I'm lookinf forward to wearing awesome clothes!

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