13 May 2009

Curves & Crossovers

Went into Curves (the gym) to ask about prices to sign up and the women started signing me up, but I didn't realise this until she asked me how I was paying. WTF! She then got snotty with me and made me an appointment to come in on Monday to finish sign up. WTF! I'm so not going =D
She was a skinny prissy gym junkie!!!

GRRRR! It made me kinda angry. But then I laughed at her stupidity and lack of listening skills.

She took my blood pressure (yeah WTF right?) and I don't have high blood pressure. I know I can't really go on what some skinny bitch at Curves says, but it's not high high! YAY!

I had a star trek dream last night! HAHA, about Spock.... who wasn't really Spock it was actually Sylar (from Heroes) in disguise. And then something with Hiro and Captain Kirk. It was a Star Trek/Heroes crossover dream. I can't really remember much. I never remember my dreams.
And I have deju vu dreams. Dreams I remember having before. How weird is that?

I can't wait for pay day. I have Heroes season 1 & 2 put aside at work for me for only $49.95 each. I really want to watch them. I'm having a Zachary Quinto obsession =D

Anyway better get to bed. I have work again tomorrow. Can't wait until Saturday. My day off. First Saturday off in a long time.

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