22 May 2009

Exploring is Fun

Bed is moved. I did sort through the shit under my bed, threw most of it out. I've moved my bed. Looking forward to sleeping in it. I've vacuumed 4 times, washed my windows, organised my magazines, took down my cork board (which involved taking everything off it) and made my cat a new hidie hole (which was completely by accident. He's having so much fun exploring my new room.)

It's so cold today. I've spent the whole day moving furniture around and cleaning so I didn't notice, until I had to go outside. O.M.G! As much as I'd love to go to Finland one day, I don't know if I could survive!

The next thing on my renovation list is to put a new wall up, a wall that we can attach the wardrobe fittings to. i'm really excited about my new wardrobe. I used to have a build in wardrobe, but I ripped it out.... and now I'm putting it back, but this times its going to be better because I'm getting a Wardrobe World system.

Okay so, here's some photos. They're not of the new wall (and colour) I know that some of you are waiting on them, One day =D

My magazine storage.

My cork board (before I removed everything and took it down.

13days until The Sims 3. *squee*

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