06 May 2009

Fashion Rant

What is it anyway?
Who decides what is fashionable?
who gives people the right to discriminate because my clothes are "last season"?
I didn't even know my clothes were "last season"
What person, high up on the podium, decides that grey jeans, or skull prints, or florals are in, or out?

My style changes, then goes back, than changes again slightly, then I stop wearing a certain colour, then I go back to my original style. What is style?
I never wear dresses or skirts, I love mens graphic tees, but I also like to look feminine sometimes. I love scraves, and gloves, and bags. I hate heels, I love converse all stars. I don't wear much makeup. I wear the same necklace everyday, I don't like dangle earrings.

is there any hope for me? but I have an excuse. yep thats right. It's hard to buy "fashionable" clothes when you're a size 26. But that gets me thinking. If I was never overweight, I believe I would of spent every dollar I earnt on clothes. Designer brand bags, expensive accessories. I wouldn't of become me... who I am today. and sometimes (like right now) I'm greatful for that.

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