29 May 2009

Follow Me....

YAY for new followers! =D

OMG did you hear about Gerard Way & Lyn-Z? they had their baby. And gave her the most awesomest name. BANDIT LEE WAY! yay for awesome baby names!

Still laughing at Umbilical Brothers jokes.
Excited about having 7 days off work.
Unsure of what i'll do for the whole 7 days.
on 4th day of holidays Sims 3 comes out. So i'll be okay.

I HEART The Umbilical Brothers!


Currently listening to HIM!


  1. lol,yep,i posted it on my blog,im following your blog because you interest me,lol,and you dig MCR yay!
    love the pics,i need to listen to more HIM,i just keep avoiding it and i don't know why....anyway GREAT BLOG!,i adore it,its so pretty,lol
    bye new friend

    ~Yours Truly, Roxxie

  2. i know,i love it,but yet,its creepy,lol