19 May 2009

i want some money out of it

First coat of paint is done.

While it dries (and my room airs out) I need to figure out what else I need to do.
  • curtains/blinds
  • wardrobe (decide what i want from wardrobe world)
  • lights
  • bed (either new one, or new Manchester) (spotlight is opening soon. Might go see what they have.
  • Clean and organise boxes under my bed
  • second/third coat of paint
I went into Wardrobe world yesterday to look at what they had and ask how much it is. I really like the wardrobe setups they have. and it's cheap. Only $50 per metre of rack. But now I have decide what setup I want. Then i probably should cull half my clothes I never wear.
I don't like having my room messy. Especially when I have no where to put it, so even if I wanted to clean up I couldn't.

I want to have a garage sale so I can sell all my unwanted stuff. Ebay is too hard, and I don't want to give it to st vinnies or salvos (i want some money out of it) I should check and see if there is any markets around here that I can go to.

Anyway. I guess you want to see what colour I chose. Well guess what.... not today! =P

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