23 May 2009

No Awesome Converses For Me

I was outbid =(
Doesn't matter. That's Life.
What was the point of buying 20 year old shoes that are too small for me.
But they were BATMAN....

But in other ultra exciting news. EB Games are finally getting Lime Green Nintendo DS Lites. I'm so excited. I saw them on eBay about 2 months ago and tried to get EB Games down here to get me one, but they couldn't. But Nintendo Australia just announced that because Eb Games sold 55% of DSi in Australia, they get the Lime Green NDS Lite, exclusively. YAY!
The only problem is it's due out 4 June. The same day as Sims 3.... which means I might not be able to afford it all. =(
But thats life. =D and since I don't have to fork out for 20 year old shoes (no matter how awesome they are) I should have a little bit of money.
Anyway. I have work tonight. Should be fun!

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