26 May 2009


I'm bored. so i'm going to tell you about stuff. random stuff.

like the fact that my car ticked over 14000kms today.
i'm listening to Shake It by Metro Station (who are they again????)

there are star shaped post its on my desk.

only 9 days until sims 3. and i have 4 days off work so i can play.

yoshi is the coolest mario character
my sister turns 20 next week
josh turns 19 on thursday

going to see the umbilical brothers on thursday night, sitting at the front. i wonder if they'll recognise us from last time????

i really need to pee (sorry, you didn't need to hear that)

SPOTLIGHT opens on Saturday. Super YAY!

June is shaping up to be a pretty awesome month!

blogs are cool.

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