16 May 2009

Renovation So Far....

Haven't posted much on the Renovation front recently. Mostly because I haven't done much. Today, however I finally got around to removing the build in desk. (see below in full glory).
The initial idea was to put a build in wardrobe there, but mum suggested that I put my bed against that wall, and put the wardrobe BACK in where my bed is (a couple years ago I pulled out a perfectly good wardrobe so I could put me bed there (see below))

So the desk came out. And the wall came with it (oh noes) and I found a door.... well a door frame... apparently that part of my room was once a verandah....
So I enlisted the help of my dad. and we put up some plasterboard. So I get to paint! I'm thinking a really dark grey. I will paint over the pink. And maybe paint the shelf (that you cant see very well below, but you can see it in the photo above) black, or a darker colour to stand out.

Anyway, after work tomorrow, I'm going out to check out paint colours... I'm extremely impatient and I want it done now, but I know I have to be patient and wait, and not too a half assed job.

Anyway, so my room is a mess. Dust, plasterboard dust, clothes, paper, books.... shit everywhere. I can't wait until it's finally done.

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  1. Woa a door, creepy XD you could have made like a secret hideaway! haha :D

    Can't wait to see what colour you choose! :D