30 May 2009

Sims 3... Coming Soon.... Very Soon!

The new Sims 3 site is up and running. And so is the Sims 3 exchange.
I'm super excited. less than a week until it's released. YAY.

I've already started planning my day. Up early and shower etc.
then make a birthday cake for my little sisters birthday. she's 20!
then just wait for the call =D. I should go in to EB Games and beg Donald to call me first =D I wonder if he would =D
Then I get it. But I'm not going to play it until after I've finished my sisters cake. Because it is her birthday. I'm hoping to have my room a little bit more clean and organised before them. On Monday I'm going to try and get me dad to help me take out the old wardrobe and get a wall up. So as least I can start painting.

Anyway. since doctor who isn't on tonight. I think I might go watch a movie. or maybe the Umbilical Brothers DVD. =D

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