11 May 2009

Weigh In

Hello World.
Guess What?
I lost 2.3kg since last Monday
Isn't that awesome?
I'm so happy!
Thats what I get for using the treadmill everyday.
I try to walk for an hour, not at one go, 20 minutes here, 15 minutes there.
And It's paid off.
I'm only 400gram away from my first goal. And it's only taken me a little over 2 months!
TOTAL Lost: 6.7 kgs


  1. oooh awesome!! good work!! I really need to get back into it. The wii fit said i lost 3.2kg in 15 days which is weird o.O cause i dont think i've lost that much...

  2. Ah thats awesome, well done. :D