28 June 2009


UnlockedImage by Johnsyweb via Flickr

So I'm trying to decide if I want the new iPhone (iPhone 3GS)
Through Virgin Mobile, I can get a white 16GB model for $78 a month for 24 months. That includes $520 worth of credit (etc.) 1GB of data a month and free text and calls to any other Virgin phones.
I already pay $62 a month for my current phone. So it's an extra $16 a month, but I get more credit (I get $150 currently) and I get more data (I get none now). So it doesn't seem like a bad idea. I don't need the 32GB model because I already have a 32GB iPod touch (and an 80GB ipod Video) and I'm not fussed about the downgrade of camera (iPhone has 3megapixels and my current Nokia is 5megapixel) because I have a digital camera.
Isn't it funny that a year ago everyone wanted one gadget to do all, now we're back to having several gadgets.

Okay so I think I've talked myself into a new iPhone. Now all I have to ring Virgin Mobile and figure out how much it will cost me to pay out my old phone, and then see if I can transfer my phone number. Because I love my phone number =D
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27 June 2009

iPhone or Nokia?


Karl Urban at the premiere of Peter Jackson's ...Karl Urban via Wikipedia

I only realized just now that this is the 500th post to this blog. =O that's pretty awesome. do you know what else is pretty awesome.... this time next week I will be in Perth and would of met Karl Urban (or at least seen him in person) and I would of met Rachie. Which I'm actually really excited about doing.

So, Micheal Jackson died. It's pretty sad. He made some awesome music and even though he been the biggest weirdo in the universe, I think it's a great loss to everyone. But on the other hand, now that he's dead, maybe we'll finally be able to get some new compilation CDs by The Beatles and maybe be able to purchase Beatles songs from itunes (for all those that don't know. Micheal Jackson owned all The Beatles songs). Anyway RIP Michael.

I got my "Wreck This Journal" out today (the old one, not the new one) and I went to town on it. I threw it around, I scribbled in it, and then my sister threw it in a bucket of water. HAHA and it's awesome. It's wet, and all the colours have ran, but it looks freaking sweet. It's wet, ripped, squashed and smells like Vera Wang Princess. My hands are covered in coloured marker. I had so much fun. Now it's sitting next to me, un able to close, looking sorry for itself =D

I'm suppose to be going out with my friend Tahlia and her friends tonight. But I don't feel like it. It's cold and rainy and yuck. She also wants me to sleep over so we can watch anime (yes my friend is an anime nerd) but I just don't feel like it. I might message her and say sorry and organise to see her after Supanova. I might even bribe her with gifts =D, don't know what to do, but I'll figure it out =D

Anyway, that's it for the 500th post. WOO!
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26 June 2009

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

slight spoilers

Last night at 8.30pm I lined up (well it wasn't really a line) with 80 other people, outside the cinema all ready and excited to watch Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

Within the first 5 minutes of that film I was breathless. It was awesome. A huge wheeled decepticon rolling casually through Shanghai, crushing cars under it's huge wheel.
The Optimus Prime arrived, and the whole theater literally cheered.

I'm not going to say anymore to ruin the movie.

Megan Fox is HOT! There is no denying it. And yes I am a women. But she's Girl Hot, as opposed to Boy Hot... the same Boy Hot that had all the boys in the cinema wolf whistling the first time you see her.

Shia is annoying as hell. Still nerdy, still slightly strange looking, but this time a little bit more buff.

The Transformers and Decepticons were awesome. New characters, like Wheelie a little Decepticon that is caught by Mikela (Megan Fox) and Skids and Mudflaps (definatly the comic relief)

Anyway, enough from me. GO SEE IT!

Personal thoughts:
I loved it, but I think Star Trek was better. (Nerd or what??)
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25 June 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen OpeningImage by Current News Stories via Flickr

SUPANOVA - Karl Urban, Dave Gibbons, Jacobs Dad (from Twilight), Viktor Krum.... too many anime voice actors to remember, crazy fans who dress like their fave anime characters... BLISS!

Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen - OMG It's finally out, and I'm going tonight (I already have the tickets!!!) did you know that Hugo Weaving did the voice of Megatron?? I didn't... well I do now!

thats pretty much it. I'm so excited about Supanova that I can't think of anything else. =D

I'm trying to set up my phone so I can post Tweets while I'm at Supanova. =D And hopefully I'll be able to post some pics too.

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I've seen the start of this movie in Japanese, but I'm really excited that Disney are bringing it out in English. It's so cute. And I adore Liam Neesons voice =D *swoon*

24 June 2009

Disney Rocks!

Dang it, Jim. I’m an astronomer, not a doctor! I mean, I am a doctor, but I’m not that kind of doctor. I have a doctorate, it’s not the same thing. You can’t help people with a doctorate. You just sit there and you’re useless!
Doctor Doppler (Treasure Planet)
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Nickelback & Supanova

Brandon KroegerBrandon Kroeger via last.fm

Currently listening to Nickelback. A little birdy (much like the ones at the top of the page) told me that Nickelback might be coming to Australia soon. If so, I'm so there. I've never been the biggest fan of Nickelback, but one of my favouritest songs in the Universe is "If Everybody Cared"

I'm very excited about Supanova. The little fanatic geek in me is freaking out. About seeing Karl Urban, and Dave Gibbons (illustrator of Watchmen) and seeing Viktor Krum, and even Jake Llyod (from Star Wars Episode 1) My little sister is excited about the anime voice actors. And we both can't wait to walk around and check out all the cosplayers and stalls. I wish I knew about it earlier, so I could of saved up some serious spending money instead of relying on one paycheck =D But now I can start planning for next year. I might go to Melbourne one or the Sydney one next year.

One of my LJ friends might be getting a job at the Smithisonian in Washington DC. How awesome is that? what a cool job that would be =D
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Karl Urban PicSpam


karl urban

karl urbankarl urbankarl urban

karl urban,star trek cast

22 June 2009


I'm off to Supanova in 2 weeks. It's an Anime/TV/Film/Sci Fi convention. and guess who is going to be there!


OMG OMG OMG! I'm so excited. and it's a very sudden decision. I decided yesterday that I was going to go. It involves a 4 hour drive to Perth, than accomodation for 3 nights (because I want to go both days of Supanova) and then train tickets to the even... then food, then money for merch and autographs (apparently it's $30 for an autograph from Karl) and then 4 hours home again.

I think I found some check accomodation. The only problem is shared bathrooms! So $50 a night with a shared bathroom right in the city, along public transport lines, or $88 for a room with a bathroom, but in the suburbs, On the highway, a short drive from the train station (and I know how to get there) Hmmm!


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18 June 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Cover of "Wreck This Journal"Cover of Wreck This Journal

Amazingly I remembered in time this week. I've been thinking of things to add all week. So here we go then:
- "Repo! The Genetic Opera" is finally out of DVD in Australia. Since I work at Blockbust I've been recommending it to everyone. But I don't know how well are Horror movie featuring singing will go down in this town. =D
- Threadless Tees. I ordered 3 at the beginning of June and they arrived this week. I've been wearing them everywhere. I love the faces of people when they try to read shirts without trying to draw attention to the fact that they're staring at your chest/boobs!
- "Wreck This Journal" by Keri Smith. I had one previously but it has seems to have disappeared into the world of left socks and underwear. So I purchased a new one. I haven't started it yet. It's just sitting here on my desk mocking me. But I feel guilty for starting a new one when I have an unfinished one, somewhere in my room.
- Angels and Demons (2009). I really enjoyed it. see my post about it here
- Spending my days watching movies
- New bedsheets

Thats pretty much it. I guess I can add a few more things. Twitter, Farm Town on Facebook, Flossing my teeth, Reading old girly magazines, my Job, not stressing out about money, life =D
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14 June 2009

Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons (film)Image via Wikipedia

Just got back from seeing Angels and Demons with my mum.
I haven't read the book by Dan Brown, but mum has so I was a little unsure about going with her, but luckily she slept though most of the movie so I got to enjoy the movie in peace.
I love Ewan MacGregor. He's one of my favourite actors, up there with Karl Urban. He did such a awesome job in this movie. To be completely honest, everyone did. The way the movie was made (and the book was written) you never knew who the bad guy was until the very end.
I'm a Roman Catholic, and I was really interested in how Ron Howard was going to portrait the Vatican. I was impressed. I even learnt things that I didn't know.
I turned to my little sister halfway though the movies and said "We're so going to Rome"
The scenery was so beautiful, the old churches and buildings, the huge St Peters Square. Everything.
I really enjoyed this movie. Maybe more so than The Da Vinci Code.
If you haven't seen it, you should.

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12 June 2009

Things I Love Friday

cos I suck at remembering to do this on Thursdays, like I originally planned it for. GAH!

- The Sims 3
- Nylon magazine
- Bulk silver bracelets
- Pastel Markers
- The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro
- Listening to Billy Talent
- flipping though old mags looking for inspiration
- empty notebooks
- yoshi
- snuggling up in bed on a cold and rainy night
- being back at work after 1 week off
- star trek .gifs
- maltesers
- chunky chicken soup
- hugs from mum

11 June 2009

Meet Pinto

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto's lovechild (if it was at all possible.... maybe by some weird genetic experiment) but the science aside. This man is SEXY!

Just thought it was something I had to share. =D

10 June 2009

If Only Sims Lives Were Real

I (my Sim) made $9,454 in tips. Playing the guitar. Check out how many people were watching/listening/dancing to her awesomeness.

Her name is Nala. She was born, and I grew her up. She's now married to Mortimer Goth (yep I bagged myself a Goth) and she wants to be a rockstar. She has maxed the Guitar skills and is Level 5 in the Musician Career. She has one son named Jarvis X (after her dad Jarvis Jaxon) she has an older brother, a twin sister and 2 little sisters. Her dad is her hero, he's a Superstar in the Athlectic career.
She's awesome.

09 June 2009

My Dad Is Hanging With ROCKSTARS

On the weekend my father went to a small down in the middle of Western Australia to fly radio-controlled airplanes (yes I realise that my father may be a bigger geek than me) and he met a man named Mark McEntee.
Today my dad asked me to "google" Mark McEntee. and this is what I found out.
He created THE DIVINYLS. as in "I Touch My Self" The Divinyls! Like a full blown rockstar.

Mark & Chrissie Amphlett (2007. @ the ARIAS!)

Okay, so some of you are thinking "whats so exciting?" well i have a tendancy to get starstuck. and I'm fucking starstruck. I admit the only song that I know by The Divinyls is "I Touch Myself" and the fact that I can't listen to it without getting a tad embarrassed. This guy, that my dad flew radio-controlled airplanes with on the weekend, wrote this song! He wrote it!

DUDE my dad just earnt some major cool points =D

Also. Mark's partner is a fashion designer. Wheels & Doll Baby. Major Celebrities have worn her clothes (like Dita Von Teese). and her fashions where a major part of the costume on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. WOW! Check the fashion out. It's pretty awesome.

Russian Anton

Because we all love Anton Yelchin, and who doesn't like cute boys talking in foreign languages =D

for a couple more videos. click here!

07 June 2009

Star Trek Cakes


Back To Work

Today is the last day of my 1 week "holiday"
I have to work tomorrow night.

I've been playing The Sims 3 constantly. It's so much fun. I created a green evil, loner, insane, genius, athletic women. And the first wish she got was to Steal Candy From A Baby. HAHA Awesome.

As soon as I figure out how to take photos of my Sims, I'll post some.
The very first family I created is now onto it's 6th Generation, and I only played with them once, for about 5 minutes =D. I found out you can actually turn off the option that makes the neighbourhood age on it's own, but I love it. It's awesome.... except for the fact that my whole neighbourhood is full of old people. =D

I did post photos on Flickr last night. You should check em out. They're not that exciting, just me showing off all the "stuff" I own.

06 June 2009

The Strain

I spent most of my afternoon at the Bookshop looking for something interesting to read. I usually spend hours looking at book covers and reading the backs of books and end up walking home with nothing. I'm slightly picky when it comes to books. But today was different.

As soon as I saw the name Guillermo Del Toro, I knew I had to have it. (Guillermo is the director and writer of Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth and the Director of the upcoming Hobbit movies) Without even knowing anything about this book I bought it. My thoughts were "If it's half as good of any of GDT's movies it will be excellent"
Well so far I've read a page, and I'm hooked.
Anyway it's a Vampire book. But it's different. As far as I know (from reading reviews) it's a Vampire Virus. =D I'm so excited.

Will let you know how it goes.
Read about the book and see inside.

Rambles & Sexy Men

Haven't blogged as much as I usually do. I've been playing The Sims 3 and twittering =P (you can follow me by click on the bluebird at the top of the page!)

So I've been sick over the last week (not Swine Flu.... which strangely has not been mentioned much on the News in the last couple of days..... or is that because I've been playing too much Sims and haven't watched the news???) I'm recovering, but because I have shitty sinuses. My whole head is blocked up and I can only partially hear probably, which is a bitch.
I've been saving up for a laptop, but I have decided that I don't want a laptop. I have no need for one. I have a perfectly fine (totally awesome) desktop computer, and I don't go traveling and I don't go out, so there is no need for me to have a laptop. =D

It's a bitch not being able to hear probably =(

Here's some gratuitous (i love that word) images =P

Jukka Hilden (The Dudesons)

Anton Yelchin & John Cho (Star Trek)

Jackson Rathbone (Twilight)

Tonight I'm actually going to post some more photos on Flickr.

05 June 2009

Things I Love Thursday

I realise it's not Thursday anymore, but I was too busy playing Sims 3 to do it yesterday.

  • The Sims 3. Even more awesome than expected. and all I've done so far is created a couple of families and houses. I haven't actually played probably. But I plan on doing that today!
  • Neil Gaiman (author) and Amanda Palmer (singer) are dating. HA! It's freaking Awesome. They make the awesomest couple ever.
  • Having 1000 Sim Points to spend, and getting a free town download on The Sims 3
  • Star Trek Action Figures. I have a "Cadet McCoy" one. There was no Spock =( But now I have a Karl Urban action figure. OMG YAY!
  • New Followers
  • The beautiful King Parrot that dad found. He has a broken wing so he can't fly anymore. And he's surprisingly still alive. If he survives a week, we're going to take him to the Vet and get him fixed, then we can keep him.
  • Not having to go to work until Monday night!
Thats about it for today. =D

03 June 2009

Thats My Plan So Far

I'm feeling like shit. I have a cold. Stupid Winter =(
But I am getting better, which is good.
I'm so excited about tomorrow. The Sims 3 is released. But I feel reluctant to be too excited about it, because it's also my little sisters 20th birthday. HOLY SHIT! I can't believe that she's 20. Thats pretty freaky. So I'm not going to let The Sims 3 overshadow her birthday.
I'm going to get up in the morning and shower etc and go in and pick up The Sims 3 and also pick up some ingredients for yummy birthday cake, or I was thinking just buy a ice cream cake from Wendys or something. Then I'm going to come home. I actually might ask Kaitlin if she wants to go out for breakfast/morning tea or something. That might be a good idea. I've never been good with birthdays. And since getting older, they are starting to seem more of a hassle.
I'm no good at buying birthday presents. I really hope she likes what I got her (I'm not going to tell you just incase she reads this)
Anyway. Thats my plan so far.

Stop Teasing Me!!!

Just got a phone call from EB Games telling me that my copy of The Sims 3 was there. But they won't let me have it today, because of the strict release date. If Donald was working he'd let me have it now =( so I'm getting up early to pick it up at 9am. Because that's how sad I am.
Why are they teasing me? I wants it NOW!

01 June 2009

New Moon

Yeah I had too.
New Moon Trailer.
It has some major Jasper footage.
And Jacobs' looking pretty hot.
And. it's released on my birthday! woo for me (did you detect sacrasm!?)

New Tees

Finally did an order at Threadless for awesome tees. I only ordered 3. But I'm super excited.
Here are the designs I ordered:

I'm so excited. I love tees. I have some many. Most of them are Superhero tees, and ones I've got from concerts

Float - Flogging Molly

I have this song on repeat. It's very different to the songs I usually listen too, but I saw the music video on TV yesterday and I fell in love with it. Every time I listen to it I fall in love with it more. The band is called Flogging Molly, they're an Irish-American Folk Punk band. Check it out.

I'm completely in love with the lead singers gorgeous Irish accent. I'm a sucker for Irish and Scottish accents.


I have an old cork board. It's 2 diamonds joined in the middle. It used to be brown but I spray painted it black a couple of years ago. I don't know what to do with it. Where to hang it.
Do I hang it above my desk? Or above my bed? I want to put some of the old concert tickets up, and if I hang it above my bed they'll fade quicker, because there is more sunlight. I also have a framed autographed poster of Aiden I want to put up. I wanted to put it above my bed but dad said not too because it would fade, so it's currently lent up against my desk with a mirror, and some canvases.
www.allposters.com have thousands of awesome posters, and stand ups (OMG Doctor Who & Spock) and framed CDs and some Merch. Pretty awesome. The shipping for some of the items is more expensive than the actually item, but all I want is posters.

Awwww, Cute!

Only the cutest little creature in the world. The Pygmy Jerboas. I want a million of them.