14 June 2009

Angels & Demons

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Just got back from seeing Angels and Demons with my mum.
I haven't read the book by Dan Brown, but mum has so I was a little unsure about going with her, but luckily she slept though most of the movie so I got to enjoy the movie in peace.
I love Ewan MacGregor. He's one of my favourite actors, up there with Karl Urban. He did such a awesome job in this movie. To be completely honest, everyone did. The way the movie was made (and the book was written) you never knew who the bad guy was until the very end.
I'm a Roman Catholic, and I was really interested in how Ron Howard was going to portrait the Vatican. I was impressed. I even learnt things that I didn't know.
I turned to my little sister halfway though the movies and said "We're so going to Rome"
The scenery was so beautiful, the old churches and buildings, the huge St Peters Square. Everything.
I really enjoyed this movie. Maybe more so than The Da Vinci Code.
If you haven't seen it, you should.

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  1. I wanted to see this movie, partly because conspiracy-mystery-thrillers are fun but mostly because of Ewan McGregor! Sadly, I didn't have any friends who wanted to see it with me :( I'll have to catch it on DVD.