24 June 2009

Nickelback & Supanova

Brandon KroegerBrandon Kroeger via last.fm

Currently listening to Nickelback. A little birdy (much like the ones at the top of the page) told me that Nickelback might be coming to Australia soon. If so, I'm so there. I've never been the biggest fan of Nickelback, but one of my favouritest songs in the Universe is "If Everybody Cared"

I'm very excited about Supanova. The little fanatic geek in me is freaking out. About seeing Karl Urban, and Dave Gibbons (illustrator of Watchmen) and seeing Viktor Krum, and even Jake Llyod (from Star Wars Episode 1) My little sister is excited about the anime voice actors. And we both can't wait to walk around and check out all the cosplayers and stalls. I wish I knew about it earlier, so I could of saved up some serious spending money instead of relying on one paycheck =D But now I can start planning for next year. I might go to Melbourne one or the Sydney one next year.

One of my LJ friends might be getting a job at the Smithisonian in Washington DC. How awesome is that? what a cool job that would be =D
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