10 June 2009

If Only Sims Lives Were Real

I (my Sim) made $9,454 in tips. Playing the guitar. Check out how many people were watching/listening/dancing to her awesomeness.

Her name is Nala. She was born, and I grew her up. She's now married to Mortimer Goth (yep I bagged myself a Goth) and she wants to be a rockstar. She has maxed the Guitar skills and is Level 5 in the Musician Career. She has one son named Jarvis X (after her dad Jarvis Jaxon) she has an older brother, a twin sister and 2 little sisters. Her dad is her hero, he's a Superstar in the Athlectic career.
She's awesome.


  1. Hmm, I really know very little about the Sims, since I generally steer towards monster-slaying type games.

    Your person made $9,454 as a street musician?! I sometimes wonder how much those people can make. I guess they can make a whole lot as long as they max their guitar skills.

    Ah, living vicariously through our player characters. If only they were real!

  2. Was she getting really hungry and needing to go the bathroom? xD the most i've let mine get is like 850simoleons :P and thats cause she needed to go to work plus she had one of those opportunity(?) things to get more than $500 and some guy would give her more money =D