03 June 2009

Thats My Plan So Far

I'm feeling like shit. I have a cold. Stupid Winter =(
But I am getting better, which is good.
I'm so excited about tomorrow. The Sims 3 is released. But I feel reluctant to be too excited about it, because it's also my little sisters 20th birthday. HOLY SHIT! I can't believe that she's 20. Thats pretty freaky. So I'm not going to let The Sims 3 overshadow her birthday.
I'm going to get up in the morning and shower etc and go in and pick up The Sims 3 and also pick up some ingredients for yummy birthday cake, or I was thinking just buy a ice cream cake from Wendys or something. Then I'm going to come home. I actually might ask Kaitlin if she wants to go out for breakfast/morning tea or something. That might be a good idea. I've never been good with birthdays. And since getting older, they are starting to seem more of a hassle.
I'm no good at buying birthday presents. I really hope she likes what I got her (I'm not going to tell you just incase she reads this)
Anyway. Thats my plan so far.

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