28 June 2009


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So I'm trying to decide if I want the new iPhone (iPhone 3GS)
Through Virgin Mobile, I can get a white 16GB model for $78 a month for 24 months. That includes $520 worth of credit (etc.) 1GB of data a month and free text and calls to any other Virgin phones.
I already pay $62 a month for my current phone. So it's an extra $16 a month, but I get more credit (I get $150 currently) and I get more data (I get none now). So it doesn't seem like a bad idea. I don't need the 32GB model because I already have a 32GB iPod touch (and an 80GB ipod Video) and I'm not fussed about the downgrade of camera (iPhone has 3megapixels and my current Nokia is 5megapixel) because I have a digital camera.
Isn't it funny that a year ago everyone wanted one gadget to do all, now we're back to having several gadgets.

Okay so I think I've talked myself into a new iPhone. Now all I have to ring Virgin Mobile and figure out how much it will cost me to pay out my old phone, and then see if I can transfer my phone number. Because I love my phone number =D
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