09 June 2009

My Dad Is Hanging With ROCKSTARS

On the weekend my father went to a small down in the middle of Western Australia to fly radio-controlled airplanes (yes I realise that my father may be a bigger geek than me) and he met a man named Mark McEntee.
Today my dad asked me to "google" Mark McEntee. and this is what I found out.
He created THE DIVINYLS. as in "I Touch My Self" The Divinyls! Like a full blown rockstar.

Mark & Chrissie Amphlett (2007. @ the ARIAS!)

Okay, so some of you are thinking "whats so exciting?" well i have a tendancy to get starstuck. and I'm fucking starstruck. I admit the only song that I know by The Divinyls is "I Touch Myself" and the fact that I can't listen to it without getting a tad embarrassed. This guy, that my dad flew radio-controlled airplanes with on the weekend, wrote this song! He wrote it!

DUDE my dad just earnt some major cool points =D

Also. Mark's partner is a fashion designer. Wheels & Doll Baby. Major Celebrities have worn her clothes (like Dita Von Teese). and her fashions where a major part of the costume on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. WOW! Check the fashion out. It's pretty awesome.


  1. Yeah, as much as I tell myself that movie stars/rock stars are just normal people, there is something very exciting about actually meeting one, or even knowing someone who knows one. Can't say "I Touch Myself" is my favorite karaoke song or anything, but that's still cool!

  2. Mark McEntee and Chrissy Amphlett also known as Divinyls are pretty much Aussie Rock royalty and only headlined the Homebake Festival in Sydney 2007. They had a worldwide hit with "i touch myself" but many more Australian hits like Boys In Town, Only Lonely, Pleasure and Pain, Sleeping Beauty, Back To The Wall, Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore, I'm Jealous and I could go on and on - Mark is meant to be a pretty cool guy!