09 June 2009

My Dad Is Hanging With ROCKSTARS

On the weekend my father went to a small down in the middle of Western Australia to fly radio-controlled airplanes (yes I realise that my father may be a bigger geek than me) and he met a man named Mark McEntee.
Today my dad asked me to "google" Mark McEntee. and this is what I found out.
He created THE DIVINYLS. as in "I Touch My Self" The Divinyls! Like a full blown rockstar.

Mark & Chrissie Amphlett (2007. @ the ARIAS!)

Okay, so some of you are thinking "whats so exciting?" well i have a tendancy to get starstuck. and I'm fucking starstruck. I admit the only song that I know by The Divinyls is "I Touch Myself" and the fact that I can't listen to it without getting a tad embarrassed. This guy, that my dad flew radio-controlled airplanes with on the weekend, wrote this song! He wrote it!

DUDE my dad just earnt some major cool points =D

Also. Mark's partner is a fashion designer. Wheels & Doll Baby. Major Celebrities have worn her clothes (like Dita Von Teese). and her fashions where a major part of the costume on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. WOW! Check the fashion out. It's pretty awesome.