01 June 2009


I have an old cork board. It's 2 diamonds joined in the middle. It used to be brown but I spray painted it black a couple of years ago. I don't know what to do with it. Where to hang it.
Do I hang it above my desk? Or above my bed? I want to put some of the old concert tickets up, and if I hang it above my bed they'll fade quicker, because there is more sunlight. I also have a framed autographed poster of Aiden I want to put up. I wanted to put it above my bed but dad said not too because it would fade, so it's currently lent up against my desk with a mirror, and some canvases.
www.allposters.com have thousands of awesome posters, and stand ups (OMG Doctor Who & Spock) and framed CDs and some Merch. Pretty awesome. The shipping for some of the items is more expensive than the actually item, but all I want is posters.

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