06 June 2009

Rambles & Sexy Men

Haven't blogged as much as I usually do. I've been playing The Sims 3 and twittering =P (you can follow me by click on the bluebird at the top of the page!)

So I've been sick over the last week (not Swine Flu.... which strangely has not been mentioned much on the News in the last couple of days..... or is that because I've been playing too much Sims and haven't watched the news???) I'm recovering, but because I have shitty sinuses. My whole head is blocked up and I can only partially hear probably, which is a bitch.
I've been saving up for a laptop, but I have decided that I don't want a laptop. I have no need for one. I have a perfectly fine (totally awesome) desktop computer, and I don't go traveling and I don't go out, so there is no need for me to have a laptop. =D

It's a bitch not being able to hear probably =(

Here's some gratuitous (i love that word) images =P

Jukka Hilden (The Dudesons)

Anton Yelchin & John Cho (Star Trek)

Jackson Rathbone (Twilight)

Tonight I'm actually going to post some more photos on Flickr.