03 June 2009

Stop Teasing Me!!!

Just got a phone call from EB Games telling me that my copy of The Sims 3 was there. But they won't let me have it today, because of the strict release date. If Donald was working he'd let me have it now =( so I'm getting up early to pick it up at 9am. Because that's how sad I am.
Why are they teasing me? I wants it NOW!

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  1. I remember when Spore came out and my friend daniel got a call and they were all like "yeah its here already you can come get it" and when he walked in to the store (after going all the way into the city) They are like "oh, it was a joke we don't have it" and like his expression just dropped like he died inside XDD and the dudes were like "ahahahahahahaha we're joking here you go" xD