22 June 2009


I'm off to Supanova in 2 weeks. It's an Anime/TV/Film/Sci Fi convention. and guess who is going to be there!


OMG OMG OMG! I'm so excited. and it's a very sudden decision. I decided yesterday that I was going to go. It involves a 4 hour drive to Perth, than accomodation for 3 nights (because I want to go both days of Supanova) and then train tickets to the even... then food, then money for merch and autographs (apparently it's $30 for an autograph from Karl) and then 4 hours home again.

I think I found some check accomodation. The only problem is shared bathrooms! So $50 a night with a shared bathroom right in the city, along public transport lines, or $88 for a room with a bathroom, but in the suburbs, On the highway, a short drive from the train station (and I know how to get there) Hmmm!


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  1. Karl Urban!!! Lucky you! I've never been to any of those conventions like that before, but it sounds like fun. Have a great time!