30 August 2009

Random Awesomeness

Mario Kart: The Movie


My room is dusty. Even more dusty than it is on a regular day.
We started the renovations on our house a couple days ago, and it involved ripping some walls down. But you see, this house is about 100 years old... and this is the first major renovation in about 15 years.... so there is 15 years worth of dust behind the walls.... and it's EVERYWHERE!


28 August 2009

New Blogger Sidebar

I've added some new content to my Blogger sidebar. A wishlist, my twitter updates, my LastFM music and a few other things.

The walls of my sisters room are almost completely gone now.
My dad has been walking around with a dust mask on all day, when he breathes he sounds like Darth Vader. I tried to get him to say "Luke, I am your father" but he couldn't, he kept laughing. My dad is such a Nerd.

Star Trek is out on DVD on October 28th. I'm so excited, and love the movie so much I'm going to buy the 2 Disc Limited Edition DVD, and the 3 Disc Limited Edition Blu-ray copies of it. YAY so excited. It's seriously the best movie of this year. (Geek Alert!)

Tomorrow is my beautiful baby cousins Baptism. I'm trying to decide if it will be okay for me to wear my heartagram necklace to the church. Hmmm.... I don't know. The top I'm wearing won't hide it, but I wear my heartagram necklace everyday, every time I leave the house, for the last 5 years.... so it will be weird if I don't have it on. I'll decide tomorrow, while I'm standing at the doors of the church. =D

I deactivated my facebook account this morning. I don't even know why I still have a facebook, It's such a waste of time, and more of a hassel than anything. So I apoligise to everyone whose friends with me on facebook. Sorry =(

27 August 2009

Things I Love Thursday (The Photo Edition)

Jukka (The Dudesons)The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, read by Neil Gaiman
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
This awesome tee. Ingredients for a Human.

Bliss by MUSE

We Are Golden by MIKA (embedded was disabled)

Star Trek released on DVD in Australia on 28th October 2009.

Learning how to speak Japanese.

New issue of Girlfriend magazine, featuring mentions of the new Doctor Who (Matt Smith) and the new AFI album, Crash Love.

iPhone (enough said)

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock (see below)

Matt Bellamy as a player character in Guitar Hero 5!

5 Weeks To Go

Until I get on a commercial airplane and finally (for the first time) leave this state!!! YAY!

Dr. McKay's Sing-Along Blog

I had to share this with you. 2 reasons.
1) Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog is beyond awesome and;
2) Rodney McKay is GOD!

May I present. Dr. McKay's Sing-along Blog trailer.

I wish this was a real trailer and not a spoof. The only reason I watch Stargate Atlantis is for Rodney. =D So enjoy.

24 August 2009

It's Me!

I'm back in the world of Blogger.
My life over the last couple of months has been CRAZY.... with a capital CRAZY. I have made new friends, some new enemies, decided to completely make over my life, and I think, have become a better healthier person. But don't worry I'm still just as fun and awesome as I was.
Don't believe me?!?! Wells here's a special gift just for you....

"Whats that?" I hear you say. It's the trailer for NEW SUPER MARIO BROTHERS for Wii.

My world was turned upside down, and thrown, and bounced, and slam dunked. I thought I was going to fall off, but I held on, and I survived. A friend became an enemy. A whole family became an enemy, and there is nothing I can do about it, except not mention it ever again. I respect everyone's opinion, but please don't ask or give advice about this subject, it's done it's dusted and that's it.

Now for the fun stuff. One of the bestest ever festival lineups EVER, and I'm going!!!!

Soundwave 2010
(click to see bigger)

And this... Only weeks away. The new Muse Album (the only thing that would make my world better is Muse announcing their AUSTRALIAN tour!)

isn't it beautiful and colourful?

reading: Coraline by Neil Gaiman, American Gods by Neil Gaiman and Screw Inner Beauty by Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby
watching: How I Met Your Mother season 1, Heroes season 2 and Torchwood Children Of Earth
listening to: Dr Horribles Sing-Along Blog soundtrack, Uprising by Muse and We Are Golden by MIKA

I joined the Gym. I go nearly everyday, including a weekly BodyVive class.
I have finally, and quiet happily, joined the iPhone herd.
In just over 5 weeks I will be setting foot on a commercial airplane, (This is a big thing because I have never been on a commercial airplane) and heading interstate (also a first) to visit Melbourne and Tasmania.
As well as some other exciting things to tell, but will have to wait because I have re-trained my body clock to make me sleepy at 10pm instead of 2am.... the downside, I'm awake by 9am =D

Good night all.

07 August 2009


Sorry I haven't posted in days, weeks, months.... whatever.
I can't really post here anymore, because it's not private enough =(

I've been posting on LiveJournal, but it's mostly friends only, so you have to join LiveJournal and add me as your friend, which doesn't help the Blogger users =(

So I apologize. But with that, please note I still read all your posts. Thanks to Google Reader.