30 September 2009

The Lost Symbol

Warning, the following post contains spoilers for The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. If you don't want to know, DON'T click "read more". If you do.... please read ahead

Finished The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown last night. I had to finish it before I went away because it takes up a lot of space... stupid large hard covered books. It was good, not excellent, no where as good as The Da Vinci Code, and maybe even Angels & Demons. There was a twist that I didn't see coming (Mal'akh was really Zach, Peter Solomans son who was supposely murdered in prison by Mal'akh) and one I expected but never came (Sato was in cohorts with Mal'akh, but alas she wasn't, she was just annoying and commanding) and at one point I seriously thought it was the end of Robert Langdon.... he died... I seriously thought that he was dead, because I wouldn't put it past Dan Brown to kill off his main character, but then again Robert Langdon is Dan Browns money maker.... but all is well he wasn't dead.... because instead of drowning in water, he "drowned" in Total Liquid Ventilation ie Breathable Liquid. It seems a bit far fetched to me, but apparently it's entirely possible, we spend the first 9 months of our lives submerged.

The story was enjoyable. And surprising easy to read. (I started on 15th September, finished on the 29th... the book is just over 500 pages) I'm now completely fasinated with Washingon DC now. I don't know how long it will last. But unfortunatly this book, to me, is a one time read, because once you know the twists and turns it's just not as exciting.

29 September 2009

Melbourne Fun

Just got off the phone from my Auntie, who is already in Melbourne and she has managed to score me and my sister free passes to the Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne. It's the tallest building in Australia. It also has "The Edge" a glass box that sticks off the edge of the building. I hope when we get there the weather is nice enough so we can go on it. I've been reading about it and apparently you can't take photos on The Edge, but you can purchase a photo after.
I need to figure out some other things to do while we're there. I'm hoping Star Trek is still showing at IMAX... and I just checked. It is! WOO HOO!

28 September 2009

Big Day Out 2010

The first of the big day out lineup has been announced and Muse are headlining. Along with Muse are Rise Against, Lily Allen, The Horrors and heaps more.

But MUSE. I'm going to actually get to see MUSE. YAY!

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Anime Picspam

I'm sure if I was still at highschool I would have more interesting things to write about.

I could talk about work, but this blog is linked to my facebook and I'm friends with people I work with.

I could picspam my blog with random images.

that might work.... Anime picspam...

Akabane from Get Backers

 Characters from Kyo Kara Maoh

I'm a fussy anime watcher. I like some and hate others but I'm not going to judge you because you like something I don't. My favourite anime is called Get Backers, it was really the first anime (other than Sailor Moon) that I watched. I also have the Manga for Get Backers... so far I have 27.
I also like Kyo Kara Maoh, Trinity Blood, Death Note, Wallflower and Ouran High School Host Club. I own DN Angle but haven't seen it all, and I have Scrapped Princess but haven't watched it (I probably should) I love anything and everything by Studio Ghibli. And last but not least Final Fantasy Advent Children and Dirge Of Cerebeus featuring the one, the only Vincent Valentine.

But like I think I've already mentioned (a couple of times) Get Backers is my favourite. I really think, that if you haven't seen it you should. Here is a pic of most of the male characters.

Like I said ALL male.
L-R. Kazuki, Akabane (back) Ban, Ginji and Shido

I'll leave you to contenplate.... I have to get ready for work (I always seem to be working, WAH!)

Get Backers

only the best and awesomest anime EVER!

Big Day Out 2010 Rumours

Muse & David Bowie...
David Bowie! OMFG. if these rumours are true. OMG. David Bowie. My sister Kaitlin would be estactic.

Muse - one of my Favourite band in the whole universe, possible headliner at BDO.

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27 September 2009

Hilarious Vandalism

Someone decided that it would be funny if they vandalized the Stop sign outside our house. I'm glad it wasn't the usual STOP "hammer time" like most of the Stop signs around town.

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4 More Sleeps

4 more sleeps until I go away. On my big adventure. I sound like a small child waiting for Christmas.
I'm freaking out about flying and being away from home for a long time. I love my bed too much to go away for long periods of time. This will be a real test of will. =D

I'm going crazy writing lists.
These are the lists I have so far:
  • Shopping List (to buy before I leave)
  • Things To Do (Tuesday)
  • Things To Do (Wednesday)
  • Things To Do (Thursday)
  • Luggage Packing List
  • Carry On Packing List
  • Before You Go Checklist
  • Shopping List (in Hobart & Melbourne)
  • Places To Go
that's about it.... for now! I'm crazy I know. I just love writing lists.
Back to writing lists =D

26 September 2009

Lots of Subjects

I just like to say... "How Awesome is Barrack Obama!?" Chain Chomp sticker! YAY! I know, since I'm Australian, I don't really care about his politics etc. He's just awesome. =D

Okay so next subject. I bought a purple double breasted trench coat. It's awesome and I love it. It will be prefect for my trip.

Next Subject - in Glee (the tv show) is Will's (the teachers) wife suppose to be so annoyingly infuriating. OMG can't he leave her already and go off with the sweet OCD teacher. =D (I'm sorry I'm only 2 episodes in so I don't know everyones names yet)

Glee is awesome!

25 September 2009

Sunset & Nerves

Was driving home from work today. Along a tree lined road with the sun setting in found of me with Resistance by Muse playing loudly. It was awesome and beautiful.
Going shopping with mum tomorrow. I specially "booked" her so I could go in with her only and leave my sisters at home.
I have Glee episode 2 to watch tonight but I'm watching The Andromeda Strain on tv.
Working tomorrow night, then I have Sunday off. Looking forward to going away on Thursday. I'm excited and scared and nervous. It's such an adventure for me.

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This time next week I'll be on the other side of the country

I have one of those money tins that you have to open with a can opener. It was so I could save for my trip. Well I opened it today. and guess how much money was in there.


$950.... I'm freaking rich. There was some silver coin, but I gave it to my little sister. But seriously $50 more and I would of had a grand. Well technically I will have more, because pay day is the first Friday I'm away, and I've worked everyday this week. I won't end up spending it all, but I might get close. Just means when I come home I might be able to finally get a PS3 and LITTEBIGPLANET! Yay!

I really love my layout, but the comments aren't working so I've changed my layout hoping that the comments will now work. So leave me comments =D If not send me a tweet on twitter letting me know so I can send an angry letter to Google =D

I watch the DVD that came with The Resistance by Muse, and it was awesome. It showed the behind the scenes making of each song on the album, and now I'm pretty much in love with all the songs. Even "Undisclosed Desires" which sounds really hip-hop.

I'm housesitting/dogsitting (i hate dogs and she has 2 =( )for my friend this weekend. It's a long weekend because the AFL Grand Final is on Saturday (i guess it can be described as the Super Bowl of Australia), but I don't follow any sports so it doesn't bother me, and since there are no Western Australian teams in the final it won't be that bad. I remember working on the day a couple years ago when the West Coast Eagles won. So many crazy drunk fans. It was so quiet during the day, and then when it was finished they were everywhere. Crazy Drunk Football fans.

My sister is finally moving into her new room. Which means all her stuff is leaving mine. Which means I can finally clean. I hate having an unorganised bedroom. And for the last couple of weeks it's been very very very uber unorganised.

Anyway gotta go get ready for work.

24 September 2009

Things I Love Thursday

recently found out (like 3 minutes ago) that ZAC EFRON has a small role in Joss Whedon's FIREFLY. I looked it up and he plays Young Simon in the episode "Safe". I watched it and it's so him, and he's so young. hehehe you could almost say that Joss Whedon started Zac Efrons career.

this time next week I will be sitting at the Perth Airport waiting to board my plane to Melbourne.

Resistance by Muse (the song from the album The Resistance) actually all the songs from the album, even the one that was apparently written especially for "New Moon" (but that news did come from a Twihard, so who knows)

Milky Bars, 2 reasons. One, the milky bar kid looks like Kevin Rudd (the Australian Prime Minister) and two, white chocaloate is YUM!

new Neil Gaiman book, well it's not overly new. it's called Odd and the Frost Giants. it's a short story with illustrations by Brett Helquist.

I'm so excited about my holiday. I promise lots of photos. =D

23 September 2009

gratuitous sexiness









Dragonball Evolution

I can't get over the fact that the green dude (above) is JAMES MARSTERS. As in Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. And you know what. He was the only good thing in that whole movie. I've never seen any of the Dragonball anime or read any of the Manga. I have, in fact, met Chris Sabat (who does some of the voices in the English version of the Anime (including the green dude ie Piccolo)) and he was awesome, but everytime I stand in the Anime section at work and see how many bloody Dragonball discs there actually are, I walk away (and I have been told that we only have 1/3 of all the Dragonball anime)
So I thought I'd watch the movie. It was okay, not excellent, not STAR TREK awesome (nothing for a long time will top Star Trek in my mind) but it was fun. And I loved James Marsters as Piccolo. But really.... that was about it. The bit at the end when Goku was wearing baggy pants was hilarious.... because baggy pants are so currently in fashion =D Emmy Rossum annoyed the hell out of me, to be honest the only movie I've seen that she hasn't annoyed me overly was The Day After Tomorrow, (and The Phantom Of The Opera... but come on.... GERARD BUTLER singing)
But really thats enough of me going on and on and not making any sense. BLAH BLAH BLAH, BITCH BITCH BITCH. I shall stop now and go take photos. bye-ee

22 September 2009


Woohoo. It's so shiny and awesome! I'm so excited. HIM, My Chemical Romance, AFI, Escape The Fate, Taking Back Sunday plus more! I hope no-one exciting pulls out.

Paramore is also going to be at Soundwave, which is pretty cool, but it probably means there will be a lot... and I mean A LOT of Twihards there =( not that I have anything against the books, just the obsessive fangirls (and boys.... yes I know some Twilight fanBOYS) who will be there. But i'll get over it. YAY VILLE VALO!

NEW MOON Soundtrack

NEW MOON Soundtrack:
  • 1. Death Cab For Cutie – “Meet Me On The Equinox”
  • 2. Band Of Skulls – “Friends”
  • 3. Thom Yorke – “Hearing Damage”
  • 4. Lykke Li – “Possibility”
  • 5. The Killers – “A White Demon Love Song”
  • 6. Anya Marina – “Satellite Heart”
  • 7. Muse – “I Belong To You (New Moon)”
  • 8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent – “Roslyn”
  • 9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Done All Wrong”\
  • 10. Hurricane Bells – “Monsters”
  • 11. Sea Wolf – “The Violet Hour”
  • 12. OK Go – “Shooting The Moon”
  • 13. Grizzly Bear – “Slow Life”
  • 14. Editors – “No Sound But The Wind”
  • 15. Alexandre Desplat – “New Moon (The Meadow)”

21 September 2009

Guess what I have?

Tickets to Soundwave Festival next year. I'm so excited. It's completely worth $152 a ticket. I know
That's a lot but think about the bands going. HIM, My Chemical Romance, AFI.... If I had to buy tickets to the individual concerts it would cost more :)

I can't wait until October 1. That's the day I leave on my first "real" holiday. I know I've probably mentioned it once before but I have never been on a plane before, or left Western Australia :)

So excited.

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18 September 2009

That's Like a B- right?

78%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

I promised the quiz that I would blog about my result... so here I am. 78% addicted to blogging.

I'm currently waiting for the new iPhone update (3.1) to download. It's one of the only things that annoys me about the iPhone... the 300+ Mb updates. This is my 5th attempt at downloading it, because everytime something happens.... Dad turns the power off, mum trips over the internet cord, iTunes decides it hates me... so hopefully (fingers crossed, knock on wood) it works!!!

I started the new Dan Brown book a couple of days ago.... and I'm having trouble putting it down. I got into bed at 11pm last night and then read, when I looked at the clock it was 3am. Stupid Dan Brown and his short chapters and cliff hangers at the end of chapters, but the next chapter is about someone else in the story and so on. =( But it's a excellent story so far.

In 2 weeks time I will be in Hobart, Tasmania. Probably asleep because our plane leaves at 11pm Thursday, we fly for 3 hours and arrive in Melbourne at 5am, then fly to Hobart at 7am. I don't know how my body is going to go travelling over timezones. I've never done it before.... and on the Sunday we're in Tasmania they change to Daylight Savings so we have to change our clocks, and then on Monday when we fly back to Melbourne (who is in the same timezone, but doesn't start dayloght savings until November) we have to change our clocks again. I'm hoping my iPhone is smart enough to figure it out for himself. The trip is going to be awesome. We're going to Salamanca Markets which (I think) is the biggest weekly market in Australia (i think.... I;m not sure and too slack to check.... but now that I think about it, I don't think it is) but it is definatly bigger than any other markets I've been too. I'm going to be on the lookout for a vintage leather messanger bag, and just cool interesting quirky antiques that will go well in my room (when I finally finish it)

Anyway that's all for today. I'm really busy over the next week so you might not here from me for a while.

Xmas List 2009

stuff i want 2009

I was bored so I started my Christmas List on Polyvore. Obviously some of the items I can have now (cookies & cream ice cream) and most of it I will probably buy myself before Christmas, but it was just fun going though and finding stuff I liked. =D

15 September 2009

Rest In Peace

Patrick Swayze died today. He was sick and we all knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later. It's always sad when someone who contributed so much to our lives dies. RIP Patrick Swayze.

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Things I Love

bold = people/bands
italic = movies/books/tv

anime & manga(yaoi)
Apple Products
bands from finland & europe
Billy Talent
black eyeliner
button badges
charm bracelets
Coloured Markers
comic books
criminal minds
david bowie
Death Note
doctor who
Fast Internet
final fantasy
Fingerless Gloves
frilly underwear
Girlfriend Magazine
gossip girl
Guillermo Del Toro
guitar hero
invader zim
jackson rathbone
jared leto
karl urban
messanger bags
moleskine journals
movies & television
neil gaiman
Nylon Magazine
Octopus Plush
odd socks
online shopping
pepsi max
pretty things
red dwarf
science fiction
Star Trek
taking photos
the it crowd
The King Of Kong (DVD)
the labyrinth
the mighty boosh
The Sims 3
The Umbilical Brothers
The Umbrella Academy
The Used
tim burton
trapper hats
Vera Wang Princess Perfume
voodoo dolls
watermelon lollipops
xbox 360

The Ultimate Christmas List 2009

I did this one a couple weeks back. You should check it out because it's visual.

bold = in the process of getting =D

PS3 (the new one)

Tickets to SOUNDWAVE 2010

Guitar Hero 5 for XB360

Star Trek on DVD

Apple MacBook

The Resistance by Muse

Stickers & Button Badges

an iPhone app that will do everything

Yoshi plushie (that actually looks like Yoshi)

Scribblenauts (Nintendo DS game)

world peace and all that =P

14 September 2009

Facebook Free + more

As of today, I have been Facebook free for a whole Month! Go Me! Facebook is so overrated. If I want to post a photo I post it to Flickr, If I want to tell you something exciting I post it here or even Twitter.


Going to play Sims 3 now. I might post some screen shots. =D

11 September 2009

SCRIBBLENAUTS for me.... and beware of creepy men

Preordered my copy of Scribblenauts from EB Games so I can get a "Rooster Hat". Donald (the manager) say he'd ring me if it came in earlier, because I told him I was going away. YAY! I can't wait until its out.

I'm also looking forward to the new Dan Brown book, and finally listening to the new MUSE album, The Resistance. I have it, sitting next to me, but I have to go to work so I'm going to leave the listening until I get home.

I really don't want to go to work, because there is this customer, Ken, who is middle aged and kept asking one of the 19 year old girls to go to the movies, she told him no and he's stopped bothering her (after about a trillion tries) but now he's after my little sister, but has invited me to come along too, and he asked my sister to go to the movies, and she told him to talk to me, which means I have to be the one to reject him. He's a nice man, but just creepy =( I'm going to tell him we're busy until after I come back from Victoria and then figure out something to say. I could just say "Sorry but you're creepy, so NO!" but thats mean, and I'm not a mean person =(

10 September 2009

Polyvore Of The Day

Empty With You

Empty With You by The Used (taken from their new album, ARTWORK)

I haven’t lost anything except my mind
[Except my mind]
Expect a thousand confessions that you will not find
I tried to take of my head sometimes because I can’t escape the memories
I haven’t lost anything except my mind
[Except my mind]

You could be empty, and I can be right here empty with you
Or you could be hollow, and I can be right here hollow with you
If you wanna say goodbye to everything, I could say goodbye too
I can be right here empty with you

I haven’t wasted a thing except my time
[Except my time]
Forget the treasures we burnt because we’ll be just fine
I tried to take of my head sometimes because I can’t escape for the life of me
I haven’t lost anything except my mind

You could be empty, and I can be right here empty with you
Or you could be hollow, and I can be right here hollow with you
If you wanna say goodbye to everything, I could say goodbye too
I can be right here empty with you

Instead of going up the ground, instead of calling them out
Instead of running ’cause you’re still creeping
Instead of swallowing lies, instead of buried alive
Let’s twist the knife ’til they can’t stop bleeding
If you need a confession, I’m guilty
Let’s twist the knife ’til they can’t stop bleeding
Do you think I feel sorry? Forgive me
Let’s twist the knife ’til they can’t stop bleeding
Instead of going under ground, instead of calling them out
Let’s twist the knife ’til they can’t stop screaming

You could be empty, and I can be right here empty with you
Or you could be hollow, and I can be right here hollow with you
If you wanna say goodbye to everything, I could say goodbye too
I can be right here empty with you

Things I Love Thursday

Scribblenauts anticipation. Was due to be released this week, but has been kicked back until 30th September. I wanted it for my trip to Victoria (I leave on 1st Oct) so hopefully I can get a copy before I go. Should reserve it from EB Games and get my "Rooster Hat"

and now for an awesome DEMO video

Artwork by The Used - see previous blog about it.

Bomomo - need to waste some major time, but want to be creative. Try Bomomo

My sister working with me. Now if I ever need someone to cover my shift, I won't have to waste credit ringing people, I can just walk into the other room. WOOO!

Being halfway though renovations. We have no kitchen and brand new plaster on the walls. It's so exciting. We're been talking about renovation for ever and now it's happening.

My sister's computer is named @NG3L (angel)

64% Geek

<3 Geek XD

3 Weeks To Go!!!

Pretty excited.
My little sister has started working at Blockbuster with me, which is awesome and it's only 3 weeks until I go to Victoria and Tasmania. YAY!
I'm also excited about a Nintendo DS game called Scribblenauts. Even the anti Nintendo guy at EB Games is looking forward to it. You have to solve different puzzles by using what ever you want, just by writing down the item you want to use. I'll post some more about it when I'm on my computer instead of my iPhone :)

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09 September 2009


Testing the new Blogpress app. It allows me to post to multiple blogs at once. And post images.

This is my baby cousin Logan. Isn't he a cutie? :)

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That's pretty cool. It has been 100 years since this last happened. And it will be another 100 years until it happens again, so unless we live for a long time we'll probably never see this day again. EVER!

Just ordered 3 books. I love books.

THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER by Stephen Chbosky - Haven't read it. Want to. I tried the town library and they don't have it, so I had to order it. Luckily it was only $16.99.

SNOOP by Sam Gosling - Read an exert in a magazine about a year ago, and it's been in my wishlist since then, the price has being going up and down for a while, but I finally got it at under $20. YAY! it's about what the items you own say about you.

THIS IS NOT A BOOK by Keri Smith - If you don't know who Keri Smith is, you need to find out. She creates the most wonderful and creative books. Her best seller is Wreck This Journal, and the main idea of the book is to destroy it. This one is her new one, I don't know anything about it, but it should be good!

I love books. all sorts, I'm currently reading Pole to Pole by Michael Palin. It's the diary and journal entries from when he traveled from the North Pole to the South Pole for a tv series.

Artwork, Tattoos, Hot Men

The new album by The Used is AWESOME. I know I say a lot of things are Awesome, but seriously. You need to go out and buy Artwork by The Used.

My favourite songs are "Empty With You" and "Kissing You Goodbye", I love Bert. I know he's not the best role model (drinks, drugs, dirty, etc.) there is something about the songs he (and the rest of The Used) write. Even if you're not fans of The Used, you need to at least try. There is no harm in listening, the worst thing that will happen is, you don't like it, then you move on.

In other news. I have found, a pretty cool tattoo artist. His name is Yann Black, and his tattoos are amazing. Check them out at his website (it's in French, but is pretty easy to get around)

Also. I finally got my Delicious account to work so check out all my favourite websites.

random image of hot men

Yes or No

Was seriously bored, so I stole this from Roxxie

You can ONLY answer Yes or No...
You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks. -- and believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming nothing is exactly as it seems.Now, here's what you're supposed to do. . . Copy and paste this into your blog (etc.), delete my answers, type in your answers.


Kissed any one of your Facebook friends? --- no
Been arrested? --- no
Kissed someone you didn't like? --- no
Slept in until 5 PM? --- no
Fallen asleep at work/school? --- no
Held a snake? --- yes
Ran a red light? --- no
Experienced love at first sight? --- no
Totaled your car in an accident? --- no
Been fired from a job? --- yes
Fired somebody? --- no
Sang karaoke? --- yes
Pointed a gun at someone? --- no
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? --- yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? --- yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? --- no
Kissed in the rain? ---no
Had a close brush with death (your own)? --- no
Seen someone die? --- no
Played spin-the-bottle? --- no
Sang in the shower? --- yes
Smoked a cigar? --- no
Sat on a rooftop? --- no
Taken pictures of yourself naked? --- no
Smuggled something into another country? --- no
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? --- no
Broken a bone? --- no
Skipped school? --- no
Eaten a bug? --- yes
Sleepwalked? --- no
Walked a moonlit beach? --- yes
Rode a motorcycle? --- no
Dumped someone? --- no
Forgotten your anniversary? --- no
Lied to avoid a ticket? --- no
Ridden on a helicopter? --- yes
Shaved your head? --- no
Blacked out from drinking? --- no
Played a prank on someone? --- yes
Hit a home run? -- no
Felt like killing someone? --- no
Cross-dressed? --- no
Been falling-down drunk? --- no
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? --- no
Eaten snake? --- no
Marched/Protested? --- no
Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? --- no
Puked on amusement ride? --- no
Seriously & intentionally boycotted something? --- yes
Been in a band? --- no
Knitted? --- yes
Been on TV? --- no
Shot a gun? --- no
Skinny-dipped? --- no
Gave someone stitches? --- no
Eaten a whole habenero pepper? --- no
Ridden a surfboard? --- no
Drank straight from a liquor bottle? --- no
Had surgery? --- yes
Streaked? --- no
Taken by ambulance to hospital? -- no
Peed on a bush? --- no
Donated Blood? --- no
Grabbed electric fence? --- yes
Eaten alligator meat? --- no
Eaten cheesecake? --- YES
Eaten kids' Halloween candy? --- no
Killed an animal when not hunting? --- no
Peed your pants in public? --- no
Snuck into a movie without paying? --- no
Written graffiti? --- no
Still love someone you shouldn't? --- yes
Think about the future? --- yes
Been in handcuffs? --- no
Believe in love? --- yes
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? --- no


That was fun. Wasted a whole 5 minutes of my life =D

04 September 2009

Things To Be Excited About

Robert Downey Jr as Lestat.... Anne Rice thinks so.

David Tennant or James Mcavoy as Bilbo Baggins... I WISH!

Pre-ordered, The Resistance by Muse and Star Trek Limited Edition (3 disc) with USS Enterprise

Thats really it. and the fact I'm going on holiday in 4 weeks! YAY!