27 September 2009

4 More Sleeps

4 more sleeps until I go away. On my big adventure. I sound like a small child waiting for Christmas.
I'm freaking out about flying and being away from home for a long time. I love my bed too much to go away for long periods of time. This will be a real test of will. =D

I'm going crazy writing lists.
These are the lists I have so far:
  • Shopping List (to buy before I leave)
  • Things To Do (Tuesday)
  • Things To Do (Wednesday)
  • Things To Do (Thursday)
  • Luggage Packing List
  • Carry On Packing List
  • Before You Go Checklist
  • Shopping List (in Hobart & Melbourne)
  • Places To Go
that's about it.... for now! I'm crazy I know. I just love writing lists.
Back to writing lists =D

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