28 September 2009

Anime Picspam

I'm sure if I was still at highschool I would have more interesting things to write about.

I could talk about work, but this blog is linked to my facebook and I'm friends with people I work with.

I could picspam my blog with random images.

that might work.... Anime picspam...

Akabane from Get Backers

 Characters from Kyo Kara Maoh

I'm a fussy anime watcher. I like some and hate others but I'm not going to judge you because you like something I don't. My favourite anime is called Get Backers, it was really the first anime (other than Sailor Moon) that I watched. I also have the Manga for Get Backers... so far I have 27.
I also like Kyo Kara Maoh, Trinity Blood, Death Note, Wallflower and Ouran High School Host Club. I own DN Angle but haven't seen it all, and I have Scrapped Princess but haven't watched it (I probably should) I love anything and everything by Studio Ghibli. And last but not least Final Fantasy Advent Children and Dirge Of Cerebeus featuring the one, the only Vincent Valentine.

But like I think I've already mentioned (a couple of times) Get Backers is my favourite. I really think, that if you haven't seen it you should. Here is a pic of most of the male characters.

Like I said ALL male.
L-R. Kazuki, Akabane (back) Ban, Ginji and Shido

I'll leave you to contenplate.... I have to get ready for work (I always seem to be working, WAH!)

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