09 September 2009

Artwork, Tattoos, Hot Men

The new album by The Used is AWESOME. I know I say a lot of things are Awesome, but seriously. You need to go out and buy Artwork by The Used.

My favourite songs are "Empty With You" and "Kissing You Goodbye", I love Bert. I know he's not the best role model (drinks, drugs, dirty, etc.) there is something about the songs he (and the rest of The Used) write. Even if you're not fans of The Used, you need to at least try. There is no harm in listening, the worst thing that will happen is, you don't like it, then you move on.

In other news. I have found, a pretty cool tattoo artist. His name is Yann Black, and his tattoos are amazing. Check them out at his website (it's in French, but is pretty easy to get around)

Also. I finally got my Delicious account to work so check out all my favourite websites.

random image of hot men

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