10 September 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Scribblenauts anticipation. Was due to be released this week, but has been kicked back until 30th September. I wanted it for my trip to Victoria (I leave on 1st Oct) so hopefully I can get a copy before I go. Should reserve it from EB Games and get my "Rooster Hat"

and now for an awesome DEMO video

Artwork by The Used - see previous blog about it.

Bomomo - need to waste some major time, but want to be creative. Try Bomomo

My sister working with me. Now if I ever need someone to cover my shift, I won't have to waste credit ringing people, I can just walk into the other room. WOOO!

Being halfway though renovations. We have no kitchen and brand new plaster on the walls. It's so exciting. We're been talking about renovation for ever and now it's happening.

My sister's computer is named @NG3L (angel)

64% Geek

<3 Geek XD

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