24 September 2009

Things I Love Thursday

recently found out (like 3 minutes ago) that ZAC EFRON has a small role in Joss Whedon's FIREFLY. I looked it up and he plays Young Simon in the episode "Safe". I watched it and it's so him, and he's so young. hehehe you could almost say that Joss Whedon started Zac Efrons career.

this time next week I will be sitting at the Perth Airport waiting to board my plane to Melbourne.

Resistance by Muse (the song from the album The Resistance) actually all the songs from the album, even the one that was apparently written especially for "New Moon" (but that news did come from a Twihard, so who knows)

Milky Bars, 2 reasons. One, the milky bar kid looks like Kevin Rudd (the Australian Prime Minister) and two, white chocaloate is YUM!

new Neil Gaiman book, well it's not overly new. it's called Odd and the Frost Giants. it's a short story with illustrations by Brett Helquist.

I'm so excited about my holiday. I promise lots of photos. =D

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