25 September 2009

This time next week I'll be on the other side of the country

I have one of those money tins that you have to open with a can opener. It was so I could save for my trip. Well I opened it today. and guess how much money was in there.


$950.... I'm freaking rich. There was some silver coin, but I gave it to my little sister. But seriously $50 more and I would of had a grand. Well technically I will have more, because pay day is the first Friday I'm away, and I've worked everyday this week. I won't end up spending it all, but I might get close. Just means when I come home I might be able to finally get a PS3 and LITTEBIGPLANET! Yay!

I really love my layout, but the comments aren't working so I've changed my layout hoping that the comments will now work. So leave me comments =D If not send me a tweet on twitter letting me know so I can send an angry letter to Google =D

I watch the DVD that came with The Resistance by Muse, and it was awesome. It showed the behind the scenes making of each song on the album, and now I'm pretty much in love with all the songs. Even "Undisclosed Desires" which sounds really hip-hop.

I'm housesitting/dogsitting (i hate dogs and she has 2 =( )for my friend this weekend. It's a long weekend because the AFL Grand Final is on Saturday (i guess it can be described as the Super Bowl of Australia), but I don't follow any sports so it doesn't bother me, and since there are no Western Australian teams in the final it won't be that bad. I remember working on the day a couple years ago when the West Coast Eagles won. So many crazy drunk fans. It was so quiet during the day, and then when it was finished they were everywhere. Crazy Drunk Football fans.

My sister is finally moving into her new room. Which means all her stuff is leaving mine. Which means I can finally clean. I hate having an unorganised bedroom. And for the last couple of weeks it's been very very very uber unorganised.

Anyway gotta go get ready for work.

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