30 October 2009

21 October 2009

Awesome and Not-so Awesome.

I'm so going back to Melbourne next year.
The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is having a Tim Burton retrospective, and Tim Burton is expected to be at the opening on June 24. I'm so going.

I'm also excited that, JJ Abrams has said that he would love William Shatner to be in the next Star Trek movie. how awesome would that be?

ALSO ALSO.... I finally got a copy of What Ever Happened To The Caped Crusader? by Neil Gaiman. I LOVE BATMAN, and this one has pretty much every villian in it. it's cool! I can't wait to read it.

My life is pretty crazy at the moment. hectic, but also lazy. I need to get off my arse and do something with my life instead of sitting around. I'm over going to the gym, well in the classes anyway because today at work one of the women in the class came in and had a hissy fit at me for her having overdues, and i told her she had to pay them so she threw money at me, told me to delete her account and said "you're fucking useless, i'll go to the other fucking videoshop" and i was pissed so i told her "good riddance" and if she could stare daggers, i'd be dead. =D i know it's not my fault. I wasn't being rude or anything I was just telling her that she had to pay the fees, because whether or not the prices have gone up, the movies were still late. it's quite funny. now that i think about it I don't think it will stop me from going to the Gym, it will be funny to see how she reacts.

I just need direction and motivation.

20 October 2009

Photos I Love

Here are some photos I recently found that I love and inspire me to become an interior decorator.


19 October 2009

Art and Decorating and New Music

Comments are working on my blog again. WOOHOO.
I'm a slight comment whore. I love getting comments.

tonight is the first Still-Life drawing class. I'm all set. I have a awesome A3 sketchbook and some graphic pencils. I also bought some water soluble oil pastels and some paint brushes (I've never owned real paint brushes before). I don't need the and pastels and brushes for class, but I just love art supplies.

I'm seriously considering looking into becoming an interior decorator. I've started reading Snoop by Sam Gosling, a book about the science of analyzing people by the "stuff" that they have. I'm a natural snoop, I'm always looking at photos of peoples rooms and offices, and I love looking for quirky details and things in the sets of movies and tv shows. Have you seen the music video for "We Are Golden" by MIKA? that room is like heaven for me. I'd love to snoop around. =D

OMG. Just downloaded the new 30 Seconds To Mars song, "Kings And Queens". It's awesome. I also heard that Lostprophets are finally making a new album. I've also just come to terms that I have missed out on tickets to Big Day Out, so I won't be seeing Muse... yet... one day =D

I've been ♥ing some photos of rooms that I like on We♥It. Here's the link to my profile. I'm going to attempt to colour-code my books (see image below) I don't have that many books, so it might be a little hard, but I will try, and post photos when I'm done.

That's pretty much it for today. I'm so excited. My art class is in one hour, better start thinking about getting ready.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

18 October 2009

Heath's Last Film

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.
I didn't know much about this film, except that it was Heath Ledgers' last, and that the filmmakers had got Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law to place Heaths character. By the looks of the trailer (and the cast and director) this movie is going to be amazing. So check it out.

I wish I was this creative

photo by tylerwetrust
found here

I love the painting on the door. It reminds me of Dr Seuss and a tv series that I use to watch called King. The drawings where very similar. Also check out her DeviantART gallery

My Room

I cleaned my room, so here are some interesting photos that I took. I left lots out because it was dark and they came out bad.

Hope you enjoyed it.

16 October 2009

Things I Love Friday (because I forgot on Thursday)

Star Trek Poster I scored from work. been waiting for the poster since the movie was released in the cinema, and know I have it.

Family dinners at restaurants - tonight the whole family is going out for Chinese.... this may be the first time we have been to dinner together since I can remember.

Prospects of improving my drawing skills. I love doing little lifestyle courses at TAFE. Can't wait to start Still-Life drawing on Monday night.

Anton Yelchin. I watched Charlie Bartlett and I loved him in it. The while I was watching Criminal Minds.... he was there. =O yay for random Anton moments.

15 October 2009

I enrolled in the still life drawing class today. do you know what that meant?
I could go stationary shopping. YAY
I was so tempted to buy lots of coloured pens and markers but I already have so many that I hardly use. I'm addicted to buying Stationary.

I also went into Angus and Robertson bookstore and ordered the first 5 volumes of a manga called Priest by Min-Woo Hyung.

I hope it doesn't take long to show up. I would read it online, but I prefer to read the physical books. I must admit the only reason I even found out about it, is because it's being made into a movie (well a movie is going to be loosely based on it) and KARL URBAN is in it. =D and if you don't know already Karl Urban is only my favouritest actor in the whole universe.

Next week in photography class we are doing a sunrise photoshoot. which means..... i have to get up early! =O hehehehe I'm going to seriously be a zombie. we have to be at Emu Point before 6am. Usually at 6am i'm fast asleep in my cosy bed without a worry in the world.... well not next week. I'll be cold and grumpy.

14 October 2009

iTunes is finally getting awesome!

The Mighty Boosh Season 3 is now on iTunes.

That is all. YAY!

New Light

New light in my room. Well technically it's not new, it's the old shade from the hallway in our house, but I love it so much. It's bright orange cylinder shaped. I love it. It reminds me of my childhood, because it's been in out house since I remember and now it's in my room. YAY!

sorry about the over abundance of white ceiling. you can almost see my lord of the ring action figure collection. and my SIGNED Aiden poster. ;)
I'm quite excited about still-life drawing class. I get to buy new sketchbooks and new pencils.

Randomness: just found out that my sisters history teacher once dated a playboy bunny.... hmmmm, weird.

13 October 2009


I'm beyond excited about Soundwave next year. The 2nd announcement was today. And Placebo are going to be performing. My little sister, who loves Placebo, is so excited. But man. MCR, AFI, HIM! this is heaven!

Check out the lineup:

Faith No More
My Chemical Romance
Janes Addiction
Taking Back Sunday
Sunny Day Real Estate
Eagles Of Death Metal
The Get Up Kids
Motion City Soundtrack
Reel Big Fish
All Time Low
A Day To Remember
It Dies Today
Escape The Fate
Set Your Goals
Enter Shikari
A Wilhelm Scream
The Weakerthans
The Devil Wears Prada
Comeback Kid
Dance Gavin Dance
Four Year Strong
You Me At Six
Rolo Tomassi
RX Bandits
Closure In Moscow
Maximum The Hormone
The Creepshow
The Almost
The Aquabats

This is going to be the best SOUNDWAVE ever.

Art Classes

Feeling better today.
I started posting on the Calorie King website again (my weight loss blog) And have got so much support from everyone.
I'm also going to go to Tafe and do a still-life drawing class. I have zilch drawing skills, so it will be fun. My friend Cassie from highschool is going to do it too, so it will be a really good chance to catch up and meet some new people. Anything to get me out of this slump.

12 October 2009

my poor little brain.

my poor little brain.
i'm over thinking everything again.
thinking too far into the future.
thinking about how my life would be if i did this or that.
the problem is, i can't plan stuff in the future with that outlook, because i know there is a very high chance it will not happen.
like losing weight.
how do i get motivated?
i'm paying $14.30 a week in gym membership and i'm not even going.
i need too.
i just can't bring myself too.
i'm so fat and lazy =(
i'm so anti-social. i have never been into any pubs or nightclubs in this town.
people seem to thing you need to drink alcohol when you go out to have fun.
that's why i don't go out.
i don't drink. so i'd be so out of place.
none of my friends even invite me out anymore.
i don't have many friends.
i find it hard to make friends.
i feel depressed.
then feel even more depressed for being depressed because there are people out there is far worse situations than me.
i don't save money.
i still live at home with my parents.
i've never had a boyfriend.
i'm 22.
the only things i can remember about school is the bad things.
i need to be motivated.
i need a life coach.
or a personal trainer to get me up every morning and make me exercise and eat healthy.
i need a life.
i know i do this little speech over and over again.
i'm not going to promise it's not going to happen again, because i know it will.

11 October 2009

The Perfect Guy

So I've been thinking about my perfect guy. This has come about because one of my guy friends did one about his perfect girl. So I decided, what the hell, lets do one.
I don't know if this guy exists, it would be awesome if he did, but we can all dream, can't we?

A sense of humour
Must get English/Australian Sacastic Humour
Smart. Not really really smart. Smart enough to teach me new things, but not too smart as he's always right, I need to be right sometimes.
Can admit when he's wrong.
Dark Brown or Black Hair, not too fussed on the style. but not shaved heads, and no really really long hair.... I guess I would prefer short well groomed (David Tennant Hair, see below)

English, Scottish, Irish accent.
White (yeah I know I shouldn't discriminate, but this is my PERFECT man we're talking about)
Not too skinny, but not too muscular (see David Tennant above)
Age doesn't bother me too much. 2-3 years younger than me, and up to 10 years older. I prefer an older man. But not older than my dad... ewwww!
A white collar job (that's not boring) that is only 9-5 weekdays, and no weekends, so we can do things together on the weekend. Not too rich, but financially stable.
Likes to watch movies and play video games. 2 word.... "HALO NIGHT"
Likes the same or similar music as me.
Bring me flowers every now and then.
Sexy glasses =D
Can cook.
Not overly obsessed with his car and sport.
Loves Cats, hates dogs. (I'd seriously consider a person pets.... I'm not a fan of dogs)
No piercings or tattoos (maybe a few, but not covered)

I guess what I am trying to say is DAVID TENNANT is pretty much my Perfect Guy =D



Photos from my Adventure are now available on facebook
Here are the links. As far as I know anyone can look at them even if you don't have a facebook.

Here are a few images to get you started....

A building inside a Shopping Centre in Melbourne

Sleepy Tasmanian Devil in Tasmania

Awesome Graffiti in Melbourne

CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Exogenesis: Symphony Pt 3: Redemption by Muse

10 October 2009

I'm Back

I'm back from my Adventure. it was awesome. The only bad thing that happened was the temporary loss of luggage, but that sorted itself out.
Melbourne is cool. Once you get used to it. I think I could live there, but I would prefer to live in Hobart. The shopping in Melbourne is awesome.
I got a few things that I have been trying to get for ages and have given up looking for. Like a Boba Fett Mighty Mugg (see below)
And a plushie Mario Party Star. I also bought hepas of jewelry from Diva and some DVDs from JB Hifi. (including The Labyrinth on BLURAY, which makes it the 6th copy of The Labyrinth that I own)

I didn't really like flying. The taking off and landing was cool, but the 3 hours between them was hell. It's hot and cramped and the idiot is front of you leans back his chair, or there is a baby crying.

But now I'm back, and have to start my life again. Start organising it, get back into my weight loss, start going to the Gym again. I pay $14.30 a week and don't even use it =(

I will post some photos of my trip soon.

05 October 2009

Yesterday today tomorrow

Drive from Hobart to Launceston.
Went to Tasmania Zoo.
Saw the monkeys and wild birds
Saw Tasmanian Devils
Touched a baby Tasmanian Devil (photos coming soon)
Then went to Cataract Gorge.
Went on the carlift. It was awesome.

Westbury maze. Awesome.
Drove around the countryside
Then went to airport.
Melbourne is okay. Don't really like it much.
Will go into more detail later.

Feeling tired and I kinda want to go home but still have 3 more nights.
I don't really like flying. But I think it's because I have sinus problems. My head gets all blocked :(
The view from te Melbourne apartment is good. It overlooks the harbour in the docklands and you can see the etihad statium. We are on the 3rd floor. Well it says 2nd but it's ground, 1st, 2nd so technically it is the 3rd floor. Anyway I'm off now. Good night

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03 October 2009


Today in dot point.
Salamanca Markets - bought a couple of things, like a handmade leather notebook.
After the markets it was only 12.30pm so we decided to go to Port Arthur.
The drive was long winedy but beautiful.
Port Authur was amazing. I didn't realize it was so big.
We walked through the gardens and ruins.
Saw a bumblebee. A real life bumblebee. I was very excited.
Went on a short cruise around Mason Cove. It was cool.
Took heaps of photos, will post when I get home.
Tomorrow we drive to Launceston.
Then on Monday we fly to Melbourne.

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02 October 2009

My day so far.

Okay here we go in bullet point form.
Perth to Melbourne flight was scheduled to leave at
11.45pm but leaves at 12.10am.
30 minutes late to next flight. Luggage off first plane was delayed so we organized to check it on the next flight.
Flight Melbourne to Hobart was awesome (I had window seat)
Got to Hobart, waited for next flight with bags.
Bags didn't arrive.
Talk to Jetstar bags on next flight.
We get hire car Nissan Tiida.
Drive up to Mt Wellington.
See snow on side of ground.
Really excited.
Thru a few snowballs.
Hands very cold.
Starts snowing. Alex and I really excited. Ring dad without using area code. Phone answers I yell "it's snowing" down the line.
Not dad. Oops stupid area codes.
Even more snow.
Drive down to Hobart.
Have lunch at flash-ish resturant
Find hotel.
Have nap.
Man shows up with our luggage. Yay.
Have shower. First one in over 30 hours. Ewww stinky.
Now sitting watching Spongebob Squarepants. With luggage and memory of awesome snow.
So relaxed.
Photos to come (iPhone doesn't take good photos so I'm taking with my digital camera)

Ps scribblenauts is fucking awesome.

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01 October 2009

I'm leaving on a jetplane

I'm at the airport and I'm so freaking nervous. There are so many people and it's hot. We made it through security okay. But one women didn't she was getting frisk searched or whatever. Imagine how embarrassed she would be. OMG it just hit me. I'm going to be on the other side of the country. OMG yay! I'm currently sitting in the terminal looking out towards the runway. I never realized how big the planes were. Yay!

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