19 October 2009

Art and Decorating and New Music

Comments are working on my blog again. WOOHOO.
I'm a slight comment whore. I love getting comments.

tonight is the first Still-Life drawing class. I'm all set. I have a awesome A3 sketchbook and some graphic pencils. I also bought some water soluble oil pastels and some paint brushes (I've never owned real paint brushes before). I don't need the and pastels and brushes for class, but I just love art supplies.

I'm seriously considering looking into becoming an interior decorator. I've started reading Snoop by Sam Gosling, a book about the science of analyzing people by the "stuff" that they have. I'm a natural snoop, I'm always looking at photos of peoples rooms and offices, and I love looking for quirky details and things in the sets of movies and tv shows. Have you seen the music video for "We Are Golden" by MIKA? that room is like heaven for me. I'd love to snoop around. =D

OMG. Just downloaded the new 30 Seconds To Mars song, "Kings And Queens". It's awesome. I also heard that Lostprophets are finally making a new album. I've also just come to terms that I have missed out on tickets to Big Day Out, so I won't be seeing Muse... yet... one day =D

I've been ♥ing some photos of rooms that I like on We♥It. Here's the link to my profile. I'm going to attempt to colour-code my books (see image below) I don't have that many books, so it might be a little hard, but I will try, and post photos when I'm done.

That's pretty much it for today. I'm so excited. My art class is in one hour, better start thinking about getting ready.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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