15 October 2009

I enrolled in the still life drawing class today. do you know what that meant?
I could go stationary shopping. YAY
I was so tempted to buy lots of coloured pens and markers but I already have so many that I hardly use. I'm addicted to buying Stationary.

I also went into Angus and Robertson bookstore and ordered the first 5 volumes of a manga called Priest by Min-Woo Hyung.

I hope it doesn't take long to show up. I would read it online, but I prefer to read the physical books. I must admit the only reason I even found out about it, is because it's being made into a movie (well a movie is going to be loosely based on it) and KARL URBAN is in it. =D and if you don't know already Karl Urban is only my favouritest actor in the whole universe.

Next week in photography class we are doing a sunrise photoshoot. which means..... i have to get up early! =O hehehehe I'm going to seriously be a zombie. we have to be at Emu Point before 6am. Usually at 6am i'm fast asleep in my cosy bed without a worry in the world.... well not next week. I'll be cold and grumpy.

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