10 October 2009

I'm Back

I'm back from my Adventure. it was awesome. The only bad thing that happened was the temporary loss of luggage, but that sorted itself out.
Melbourne is cool. Once you get used to it. I think I could live there, but I would prefer to live in Hobart. The shopping in Melbourne is awesome.
I got a few things that I have been trying to get for ages and have given up looking for. Like a Boba Fett Mighty Mugg (see below)
And a plushie Mario Party Star. I also bought hepas of jewelry from Diva and some DVDs from JB Hifi. (including The Labyrinth on BLURAY, which makes it the 6th copy of The Labyrinth that I own)

I didn't really like flying. The taking off and landing was cool, but the 3 hours between them was hell. It's hot and cramped and the idiot is front of you leans back his chair, or there is a baby crying.

But now I'm back, and have to start my life again. Start organising it, get back into my weight loss, start going to the Gym again. I pay $14.30 a week and don't even use it =(

I will post some photos of my trip soon.

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