02 October 2009

My day so far.

Okay here we go in bullet point form.
Perth to Melbourne flight was scheduled to leave at
11.45pm but leaves at 12.10am.
30 minutes late to next flight. Luggage off first plane was delayed so we organized to check it on the next flight.
Flight Melbourne to Hobart was awesome (I had window seat)
Got to Hobart, waited for next flight with bags.
Bags didn't arrive.
Talk to Jetstar bags on next flight.
We get hire car Nissan Tiida.
Drive up to Mt Wellington.
See snow on side of ground.
Really excited.
Thru a few snowballs.
Hands very cold.
Starts snowing. Alex and I really excited. Ring dad without using area code. Phone answers I yell "it's snowing" down the line.
Not dad. Oops stupid area codes.
Even more snow.
Drive down to Hobart.
Have lunch at flash-ish resturant
Find hotel.
Have nap.
Man shows up with our luggage. Yay.
Have shower. First one in over 30 hours. Ewww stinky.
Now sitting watching Spongebob Squarepants. With luggage and memory of awesome snow.
So relaxed.
Photos to come (iPhone doesn't take good photos so I'm taking with my digital camera)

Ps scribblenauts is fucking awesome.

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