11 October 2009

The Perfect Guy

So I've been thinking about my perfect guy. This has come about because one of my guy friends did one about his perfect girl. So I decided, what the hell, lets do one.
I don't know if this guy exists, it would be awesome if he did, but we can all dream, can't we?

A sense of humour
Must get English/Australian Sacastic Humour
Smart. Not really really smart. Smart enough to teach me new things, but not too smart as he's always right, I need to be right sometimes.
Can admit when he's wrong.
Dark Brown or Black Hair, not too fussed on the style. but not shaved heads, and no really really long hair.... I guess I would prefer short well groomed (David Tennant Hair, see below)

English, Scottish, Irish accent.
White (yeah I know I shouldn't discriminate, but this is my PERFECT man we're talking about)
Not too skinny, but not too muscular (see David Tennant above)
Age doesn't bother me too much. 2-3 years younger than me, and up to 10 years older. I prefer an older man. But not older than my dad... ewwww!
A white collar job (that's not boring) that is only 9-5 weekdays, and no weekends, so we can do things together on the weekend. Not too rich, but financially stable.
Likes to watch movies and play video games. 2 word.... "HALO NIGHT"
Likes the same or similar music as me.
Bring me flowers every now and then.
Sexy glasses =D
Can cook.
Not overly obsessed with his car and sport.
Loves Cats, hates dogs. (I'd seriously consider a person pets.... I'm not a fan of dogs)
No piercings or tattoos (maybe a few, but not covered)

I guess what I am trying to say is DAVID TENNANT is pretty much my Perfect Guy =D


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