05 October 2009

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Drive from Hobart to Launceston.
Went to Tasmania Zoo.
Saw the monkeys and wild birds
Saw Tasmanian Devils
Touched a baby Tasmanian Devil (photos coming soon)
Then went to Cataract Gorge.
Went on the carlift. It was awesome.

Westbury maze. Awesome.
Drove around the countryside
Then went to airport.
Melbourne is okay. Don't really like it much.
Will go into more detail later.

Feeling tired and I kinda want to go home but still have 3 more nights.
I don't really like flying. But I think it's because I have sinus problems. My head gets all blocked :(
The view from te Melbourne apartment is good. It overlooks the harbour in the docklands and you can see the etihad statium. We are on the 3rd floor. Well it says 2nd but it's ground, 1st, 2nd so technically it is the 3rd floor. Anyway I'm off now. Good night

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