12 November 2009

Camera's, Shows and TWLOHA

Thinking of things to write.

I'm online looking at prices for Digital SLR cameras.
I'm trying to decide between 2 different Canon cameras. The EOS 450D or 1000D.
The 1000D is cheaper, but not as good.
I'm hoping that the my photography lecturer, who also runs the local camera house, can give me a good deal. I want a macro lens and a flash too.

The Albany show is tomorrow. I'm taking my little sister Alex. Should be fun, hopefully the weather won't be too bad. There is currently a severe weather warning for town, but it's still pretty still.

some people are like slinkies... not really good for much, but bring a smile to you face when pushed down stairs.

It's Too Write Love On Her Arm Day tomorrow. All you need to do is write the word "Love" on your arm, take a photo and post the photos on your blog or on Facebook.

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