04 November 2009

Current Playlist

Resistance by Muse
Little Lion Man by Mumford & Son
Utopia by Within Temptation (feat. Chris Jones)
Empty With You by The Used
Bittersweet by Apocalyptica (feat. Ville Valo and Lauri Ylönen)

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  1. I TOTALLY remember that magazine!
    I had this wallpaper thing I ripped out of it on my wall for years that said; CHIK... MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE.
    it was yellow and had all these pink drawings all over it. it was pure love! :)

    it was my pleasure to follow you, you seem like a worthy person to get to know :) theres so many awesome girls who write blogs these days!

    and I havent read that book, but I will definitely look into it!