05 November 2009

Things I Love Thursday: The GOLD & OLD edition

Do any Australian's remember Chik magazine? It was only the awesomest teen magazine ever, but sadly it went under a couple of years ago, but they used to do a GOLD & OLD section. Gold meaning the obvious "win" situation ie, it's awesome, and Old meaning the obvious "fail" situation ie. not-so awesome. So here is mine for this week. ENJOY!

GOLD - beginning of the month means NEW magazines
OLD - of the 4 I bought today, 3 of them have Twilight/New Moon covers *fail*
GOLD - Sunshine
OLD - High Tempature
GOLD - free sunnies with DOLLY magazine
OLD - they don't suit me =(
GOLD - frozen watermelon
GOLD - Undisclosed Desires Music Video by Muse
OLD - not enough Chris in the video
GOLD - photography class
OLD - don't actually own a camera =(
GOLD - lots of good movies out this month
OLD - not very many good albums due out this month
GOLD - 2 weeks to my birthday
OLD - I'm a year older
OLD - we're out of Pepsi Max
OLD - iTunes "Single of The Week" has been shit since Secondhand Serenade's Fall For You
GOLD - FLASHFORWARD, John Cho & Dominic Monaghan
OLD - I missed the last 2 episodes
GOLD - they're available on iTunes

Some more GOLD!
GOLD - Lessons My Cats Have Taught Me About Life
GOLD - I inspired someone (and it's made my crap day, a whole lot better)
GOLD - the book Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.... it's like Twilight, but with angels.... and better
GOLD - Star Trek
GOLD - awesome people. like you the one whose reading this right now. YOU'RE AWESOME

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