28 November 2009


Help me choose:

Certificate III in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft - 12 month course, includes Painting, Printmaking and Ceramics


Certificate III in Design Fundamentals - 6 month course, includes Printmaking, Video Art, Fashion Design, and more computer designing

for me to study next year.

I'm currently looking into Interior Design, but you need a portfolio to get into the class, and I don't have one. But if I do one of these classes I would have some things to put in my Portfolio. Some of the units in the classes are the same. I don't know if I want to go back to work on computers or not. But the Design class is more what I want to do. The course information actually mentions Interior Design. But I had so much fun in my Skill-Life drawing class and really want to expand my artistic skills. hmmm....

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